Selecting The Right Products

Let’s face it, besides taking pride in making customers’ smile, Prince William is in business to make money. When Scott Holtzhauer, the founder and owner of Prince William, started the company over 24 years ago, he figured that if he combined top quality, durable, low maintenance products with precision craftsmanship and responsive customer service, he could make people happy and make money. Well, if being named one of the top home improvement companies in the United States year after year is any indication, his hunch was correct.

So How, Exactly, Does a Product Make it Into Prince William’s Lineup?

Finding products that are innovative, durable, and offer great value and aesthetic appeal is not easy. Scott and his team travel the entire United States every year looking for the best products to offer our customers. Scott visits home shows and seminars, checking on the following items.

  • The financial stability of the manufacturer;
  • The quality and value of the product for the price;
  • The track record of the manufacturer in the industry;
  • The fire rating of the product. We look for products that are fire resistant and that will not be the source of the burn in a fire.

We even visit manufacturers’ testing centers to watch the products in action. Some of our manufactures have hurricane simulators to test windows and mechanical arms to open and close windows over 20,000 times, to ensure the hardware will stand up to a lifetime of use and abuse.

Does the other contractor you are considering take this level of care in selecting the products they are going to use in your home?  We doubt it.  Using quality products saves you money in the long run and will give you far more pleasure than headaches.

How You Can Select the Right Products for Your Project

Now that you know Scott’s product selection process, you can rest assured that all of the materials we use offer top quality and value. How do you select the specific products that are right for your project? It’s Simple. Schedule a free, no-obligation in-home design consultation with one of our expert project planners. During our visit to your home we will cover the following information.

  • Review you color and material options;
  • Discuss the features and benefits of the products available to you;
  • Create a custom, 3D design of your project using our state of the art software;
  • Determine a price estimate and review your financing options;
  • Review your building schedule and project completion date.