Customer Service

If you hire that other home improvement company—the one with a pickup truck and couple of scruffy subcontractors—who are you going to call if you have a problem or need a repair? Good luck trying to get your over-extended project manager on the phone while he is running around from job to job.Prince William takes customer service so seriously that we have an entire department dedicated to ensuring there is always someone for you to speak with when you need assistance.  Our customer service department is made up of full-time service managers, service technicians, project managers and project support staff. You simply do not find this level of sophistication at other companies, and it makes your home improvement experience far superior to other options.

Home Improvement Has a Bad Reputation and PWHI is Determined to Change That Perception

Let’s talk straight. In some circles, the home contractor industry has a less than stellar reputation. You have probably heard horror stories on the news about people making down payments and the contractor skipping town or your neighbor’s project dragging on for months while their home is in shambles, and they can’t get anyone on the phone to fix it.

Prince William built its business and has won awards based on providing tremendous customer service.  The kind of service you would expect from one of the top home improvement companies in the United States.

Here is what you can count on from Prince William.

  1. You will be assigned a dedicated customer service manager for your project;
  2. You can call whenever you have a question or issue that needs to be resolved;
  3. We are staffed in a way that allows us to make repairs or fix the occasional problem extremely quickly;
  4. Our staff is professionally trained and they treat your home like their own.