Evolution Premium Siding

Evolution Premium Insulated Siding is designed with an R-value of 5.0 on clapboard and 5.3 on dutch lap. That’s five times the energy efficiency of ordinary siding. The insulation is 11/2″ thick and wraps your home in an unbroken blanket, thanks to its exclusive features.

Evolution is a statement on conscience.

Engineered to be truly maintenance free, Evolution will never require painting, sealing, staining, cleaning, or treating and maintaining traditional wood siding with these products can have a cumulative and potentially harmful impact on your family and the environment that you may not be conscious of. And because evolution is made of synthetic and reusable resources, you are not contributing to the depletion of our forest ecosystems.

Evolution’s superior insulation means your home is quieter, too.

With Evolution’s strength, integrity and thick insulation you are likely to notice a significant reduction in outside noise, especially in high winds, heavy downpours and hailstorms.

Just another way Evolution helps to create and atmosphere of serenity and security in your home. Here’s where our engineers really earned their keep. Starting with thick insulation that protect agains damage while delivering energy savings.
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