Evolution Premium Vinyl Soffit Siding

Prince William uses only long-lasting, low-maintenance products that dramatically improve the look and durability of your home.  Our Evolution Vinyl Soffit Siding is no exception.

Evolution Soffit combines the beauty and performance of wood with the durability and easy-care convenience of vinyl.

Evolution Soffit offers the following advantages over other soffit.

Advanced Rigidity and Strength

  • Unique lock design provides superior rigidity and strength;
  • Special locking system allows for long runs without sagging.

The Look of Expensive Wood Soffit

  • Deep, realistic shadow lines;
  • Gently rounded edges;
  • Elegant 31/3” width;
  • Finely textured low-gloss finish looks like freshly painted wood.

Hidden Ventilation

  • Invisibly vented panels for continuous airflow;
  • Keeps attics cool and dry;
  • Retains the beauty of natural wood soffit.

Design Flexibility

  • Use on eaves, porch ceilings and entry ways;
  • Recreate elegant vertical siding at entrances, gable ends, or entire walls;
  • Available in 21 colors;
  • Dark rich tones available;
  • Enhanced with ChromaTrue ASA for fade resistance.

Easy-Care Convenience

  • Made from weather-resistant vinyl;
  • Rain and humidity won’t cause problems;
  • Simply wash with garden hose to restore like-new look. Get your siding project started with a free, in-home design consultation.