A backyard is your own little bit of paradise. At Prince William Home Improvement, we can make your hardscaping dreams into reality. Everyone here, from the office staff to the installers, is passionate about delighting each individual client with the results we produce. We work closely with you to understand your vision of the ideal yard — or our experts can offer their own ideas about what will work best with the architecture of your property.

Paver patios can serve an array of different functions while making your home look picture perfect. The result is a space for you and your loved ones to unwind, enjoy each other’s company and host parties and meals. Plus, it adds serious curb appeal.

At PWHI, we have over 30 years of experience helping people to transform their outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary. More than 16,000 happy customers near Stafford, Virginia, can testify to the high quality of service we provide — from the moment you get in contact with us until we make the final call to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We believe that communication is the key to exceeding your expectations, and our priority is to understand what you want and deliver outstanding results.
Our team is efficient and passionate about doing the job right. We give you a fair, fixed price from the outset, avoiding hidden costs or add-ons upon completion. It’s vital to us that we provide value for money, so we pay close attention to every detail.

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How Does the Patio Installation Process Work?

We go the extra mile by visiting each customer to provide a free estimate based on their individual space, as opposed to relying on guesswork. Our team can give you ideas about what suits your property, but we’re aware that many people have their own design ideas in mind. If this is the case, we’ll talk it through with you and gain an in-depth understanding of what you want us to do.

Next, we create a technical drawing using CAD software so you can see what the finished design is going to look like. If you’d like to make any changes at this point, we’re more than happy to oblige.

Why Choose Pavers for Your Outdoor Space?

  • Hard-wearing
  • Long-lasting
  • Able to withstand a serious amount of weight
  • Create a naturally elegant aesthetic
  • Low-maintenance
  • A range of styles and materials to choose from
  • Let you bring cohesion to your pathways, front and back yard and driveways
  • Affordable


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Brick, Stone or Concrete Pavers?

One of the most critical choices you’ll make regarding your patio is the type of material you use. Each has unique benefits, and you can decide to go for a combination of all three.


Concrete paversoutdoor hardscape project in stafford are arguably the most straightforward choice. You can customize them easily, whether you’ve got a specific color or finish in mind or you’d like a particular shape. The slabs tend to be larger than bricks and stone as well, so the project takes less time to complete if concrete is the primary material you choose to use. It’s also durable and can last for decades.


With stone, the finish can look as traditional or modern as you like. You can decide to opt for uncut stone pavers for an affordable style that looks effortless with its irregular pattern. Alternatively, you can get the stones cut into a particular shape for a more uniform, structured design. There is a range of colors and types to choose from, but you’re limited by what is naturally available.


A brick patio often features a pattern and has a dainty, elegant finish. Smaller bricks mean the project may take longer to complete than with stone or concrete, but you can achieve a truly unique finish. Bricks are available in a wide range of colors, sizes and shapes, so you can easily customize a brick patio to your requirements.

Patio Hardscaping Ideas

With so much variety in modern hardscaping, it can be challenging to pin down precisely what you want for your backyard. Discover the most sought-after current patio trends right now.

Outdoor Living Space

Don’t spend sunny days cooped up indoors just because that’s where your main living area is. One of the most popular patio styles is the full outdoor living space. You can install a gazebo, adorn it with stylish outdoor garden furniture, add a TV and decorate it with cushions, lighting and planters.

Match the Driveway, Pathways and Patio

When every aspect of a design is coordinated, the final result is striking and professional. If you opt for a patio in the backyard, consider installing a matching pathway and mirroring the design in the front yard. For example, if you choose to have a patterned brick border on your patio, you could incorporate the same design into retaining walls, sitting walls, paths, firepits and any other paved area.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Growing in popularity each year is the outdoor kitchen. There’s no finer way to enjoy a meal than fresh from a grill in the great outdoors. If you love to barbecue, take it to the next stage and create a dedicated cooking area into your outdoor space. It’s possible to get a fully working kitchen with appliances, running water and storage. You can even install a separate bar area, giving you the ultimate space for alfresco entertainment.

firepit with seating wall in staffordNatural Stone Firepits

Our team members love showing off their craftsmanship by creating beautiful centerpieces, like firepits and sitting walls. A firepit can be inside the outdoor living area or a standalone feature in the yard. Not only do they look stunning, but they also mean you can comfortably enjoy the outdoors when the weather is cooler.

Combine Decking and Patio Pavers

If you’re looking to create a substantial feature, you can combine a deck with a patio. This can be visually impressive, as well as clearly defining the different areas. The deck might lead you from the house to the front porch, with steps leading down to a paved pathway. You could opt to build a patio in the sunniest spot in the garden and adorn it with sun loungers, so the path takes you to this designated sunbathing zone.

Retaining Walls

For many people, their landscape designs influence their vision for the ideal hardscaping features. If flower beds are important to you, you can add extra dimensions to your backyard by using retaining walls. They can be particularly useful for people whose outdoor space is on an incline or at the bottom of a hill. Cascading plants and climbers look beautiful with this type of design, as do neatly arranged flowers.

Popular Hardscape Shapes and Patterns

The way you arrange each stone has a significant impact on the visual impact the finished patio has. You can choose a uniform, singular pattern for a simple look or use modular designs for a more dynamic, contemporary finish. Adding a border brings a new dimension to the laying pattern, drawing attention to flower beds and clearly defining the paver shapes you’ve chosen. Some of the classic paving patterns to choose from include:

  • Running bond
  • Herringbone
  • Basketweave
  • Dutch pattern
  • Tudor pattern
  • Broken bond

Paver Patio Contractors Near Me

Installing a new patio instantly transforms your backyard, bringing a sense of luxury and a new area for you and your loved ones to relax and entertain. If you’re looking for a custom patio paver contractor near Stafford, Virginia, call Prince William Home Improvement today at 800-799-7944.

This was the second project I have had done and both projects were great and the salesman did a good job.
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