Fort Washington, Maryland, has four distinct seasons, giving you plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Turn your home into an oasis with a deck, paver patio or screen room by Prince William Home Improvement. We use high-quality materials and provide excellent service on every project.

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Deck Construction in Fort Washington, Maryland

Make your home more functional and increase its value simultaneously with a brand-new deck. A deck is one of the most versatile additions to any home — it can serve as an outdoor office for remote workers, a play area for young children or a place to relax with a cold drink and a few good friends.

A good deck starts with durable materials that are easy to clean. That’s why many of our projects use Trex composite decking. Composite materials don’t rot like natural wood and stand up to rain, snow and other harsh conditions. We also use invisible fasteners to make each deck safer and more attractive. Maintenance is a breeze as you never have to worry about fading paint or damage caused by long-term sun exposure.

Deck Installation

When constructing a new deck, we always have your safety in mind. Instead of just following the minimum requirements set by Prince George’s County, we do whatever it takes to ensure your deck has the most supportive structure possible. We use an extra bag of cement for each 6′ x 6′ support, install railing systems designed specifically for decking and dig deep to keep you safe and extend the life span of your deck.

Due to our commitment to safety and quality, we’re known as one of the best deck builders in Fort Washington, Maryland. Before we start working, we’ll even show you CAD drawings of your new deck to make sure you approve the design.

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Fort Washington, Maryland, Paver Patios

Many of our customers have paver patios installed along with their new decks, making their outdoor spaces even more livable. A paver patio is made of interlocking materials, creating the appearance of a patterned surface.

Fort Washington, Maryland, is known for its warm summers. Whether you have a swimming pool or want a place to sit and watch the birds, adding a paver patio is a great way to get more use out of your outdoor areas when it’s warm. When it gets a little colder, you can even use your paver patio for gathering around a firepit.

Another benefit of installing a paver patio is that you can spend time outdoors without worrying about stepping in mud, leaves and outdoor debris. This feature makes it easier to keep your home clean.

Paver Patio installed by PWHI

Paver Patio Design and Installation

Our Fort Washington, Maryland, paver patio experts follow safety standards established by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, ensuring your finished paver patio is safe, functional and attractive. Because Fort Washington tends to have harsh winters, we also use materials that hold up well under freezing conditions. As a result, you won’t have to worry about pavers cracking due to frequent expansion and contraction.

If you need to figure out precisely what you want your paver patio to look like, we can even help you with design ideas, making the process as simple as possible.

Screen Rooms in Fort Washington, Maryland

A screen room allows you to enjoy the beauty of Fort Washington, Maryland, even when it’s raining or snowing. Sturdy screens also prevent insects and provide extra protection for pets and kids. That’s why many of our customers choose to add screen rooms to their homes.

When you have a screen room, you can watch the sunset, enjoy the scents from your garden or watch the kids play, all without having to sit in the sun or worry about getting wet from a sudden storm. Screen rooms are also ideal for entertaining, especially if you want to serve food without worrying about insects landing on your favorite dishes. A screen room even makes it easier to keep an eye on kids as they play outdoors.

If you work from home, installing a patio enclosure is a great way to add a little variety to your life. Instead of spending your days confined to your home office, you’ll be able to take your laptop to the screen room and listen to the birds sing as you write reports, contact customers or read your emails.

Screen Room Installation

To ensure your screen room lasts for years, we use sturdy screens made from aluminum for every project. Finding suitable materials and installing them safely takes some time. Still, the builders at Prince William Home Improvement are dedicated to guiding you through the process and making sure you understand what’s happening at all times.

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Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

After a long day walking around the National Harbor or a trip to Fort Washington Park, it’s nice to come home and relax in a stunning outdoor space. Decks, paver patios and screen rooms make a home more attractive, and high-quality work may even increase the value of your home. If you have children or grandchildren, custom outdoor living spaces also give them more room to move around.

Whether you want a paver patio with a firepit or a screen room, we can help. Our expert builders love to delight customers with high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. To learn more about how we can transform your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary, contact Prince William Home Improvement at (703) 492-1294. You can also request a free estimate online.

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