Are you tired of how your backyard looks? Giving your outdoor area a new look isn’t as expensive as you might think. With Prince William Home Improvement, you can get a whole new look without breaking the bank. PWHI is a dedicated service provider for outdoor living in Maryland. Not only do we specialize in deck and sun room building, but we’re also patio installation experts. Our professional and experienced team has a knack for making homeowners’ dreams come true, regardless of the aesthetic they’re going for. Decks, patios, patio enclosures and screen rooms are all improvements we can deliver. Whether you’re going for a cozy new outdoor area for the colder months or a deck for sunbathing in the warmer ones, PWHI’s got your back.

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Deck and General Contractor in Maryland

One of the most satisfying and classy home improvements you can do in Maryland is adding a deck to your backyard. Not only does it improve the form and function of a big piece of your property, but it does so without interfering with your indoor living space. Your home can get a whole new look without your family having to work around weeks of construction in your living room, kitchen or dining area.

With a new, customized deck area, you’ll be able to create a space for relaxation and quality time with your loved ones. If you’re living in the Gaithersburg area, a deck can also provide space for an outdoor kitchen or a new spot for hosting your guests. If you’re not big on hosting, a deck can still come in handy as a space for keeping your flowers, plants and pretty finished carpentry. Regardless of your preferences, a deck is always a welcome addition to the home.

Classic timber decking is a popular choice because it looks and smells delightful. However, you should know that this style requires regular maintenance. You’ll also need to use special materials such as pressure-treated wood that’s decay-resistant. Softwood is the most affordable option if you’re willing to go the timber route. For customers in the Waldorf area, traditional decking is a great way to bring the beautiful outdoor scenery and nature closer to the home. Composite decking, on the other hand, is relatively low maintenance. It’s also more eco-friendly, making it attractive for our green-conscious customers. This type of decking uses Trex, which is available in various colors. Another plus is that there are no visible bolts and screws in Trex decking, which gives it a seamless appearance.

Let’s have an overview of the installation process so you can get some tips and tricks that will help you in your deck choice.

If you’re interested in improving the value of your home with a deck, contact us at 866-598-7692 and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

Deck installation may seem like a simple job, but it’s a serious undertaking in building codes, materials, construction and taking your preferences into account. To handle these challenges, Prince William Home Improvement always uses a team of professional and qualified contractors to handle the construction and get preapproval for the contract. When adding a new structure to houses, federal regulations must be followed, and even decking must follow the necessary codes and licensure. Therefore, your deck installation process is a one-step process because we carry out all these tasks in-house.

Think about your chosen design. After talking it over with our designers, we create a 3D image of your vision using CAD software to ensure you’re getting your exact preference. Then, we’ll be able to work together to make decking magic.

In addition, a quality control officer will visit the site to make sure it’s up to standard.

Your decking can be as minimalist or detailed as you want, depending on your tastes or budget. Both simple decking and great multilevel decking are within our capabilities. Some great decking ideas are:

  • Adding in a firepit for those colder evenings
  • Adding step lighting for a minimalist look
  • Building a water feature such as a fountain
  • Adding decking to your spa or swimming pool for a resort vibe

Pressure-treated wood is the material for classic decking looks, and Trex composite is for a different aesthetic. Trex composite is generally preferred over wood by our clients because it’s durable and looks amazing. It’s also the best choice if you’re looking for low-maintenance decking. Find more reasons why you should choose composite decking here.

Some of the best advantages of installing a deck are:

  • A great return on investment for the value of your home
  • Your family and friends will spend more time outside, which is excellent for their health
  • Enclosed decks provide a safe space for kids or pets that need supervision outside
  • You’ll get a stunning entertaining space that doesn’t creep into your living area
  • In this work-from-home climate, it provides a nice change of scenery
  • Your home’s curb appeal will increase
  • Multilevel decks offer privacy in the upstairs space, along with great views
You can take a look at a gallery of images from past deck installations by us here.

You can obtain specialized decking features with PWHI in Maryland, including heating and ambient lighting.

Screen Room Installation in Maryland

A screen room is the best way to bring the outdoors into your home in Bowie, MD. The glass walls can give you as much natural light as possible in your home while providing you with stunning views. Depending on your goals, you can get a three- or four-season room that allows you to enjoy the space even in the winter months.

Screen rooms offer the convenience of expanding your home without spending a fortune on changing the foundations of your house. For example, a sunroom or partially screened in porch or deck is the simplest version, perfect for summer months, while a four-season screen room with an HVAC system can give you year-round use.

If you’re interested in improving the value of your home with a screen room, contact us at 866-598-7692 and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

Once you’ve talked with our professionals and given them your design ideas, we’ll get back to you with a 3D image of what we’re planning to do using CAD software. You can make adjustments before we start working on the project. Once you’ve approved, we’ll address any other requirements such as licensing and planning details for you.

Quality checks and cleanups are also part of our aftercare services.

If you’re looking to make your attached screen rooms in Maryland look chic and on-trend, here are a few ideas:

  • Pale furniture for a modern aesthetic
  • Multifunctional furniture for an office/living space
  • Dark furniture for a traditional aesthetic
  • A fireplace and dining area for family get-togethers

Include a dining table and fireplace so you and your family can enjoy meals in a new space.

With PWHI, aluminum is used for the screen room frame to keep it durable and light. Fiberglass insulation is used along with glass or plastic windows.

There are lots of advantages to a screen room area:

  • Enjoying the outdoors with none of the insects
  • An increase in the house’s value
  • A great hosting area
  • A safe space for children and pets

Patio Enclosures in Maryland

These enclosures shield you from rain and summer sun while letting you enjoy your patio. With an enclosure, you can keep insects out of your pool and get some shade while you do your laps. If you’ve got an outdoor kitchen, an enclosure can let you dine outside for most of the year.

PWHI has a home improvement contractor specialty when installing patio enclosures in Maryland. With a crew of licensed contractors, we can install an enclosure that will let you spend your summer months enjoying the outdoors rather than stuck inside with the HVAC system.

If you’re interested in improving the value of your home with a patio enclosure, contact us at 866-598-7692 and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

Popular Maryland designs for patio enclosures include:

  • Moroccan-style cushions and tiles for a trendy look
  • Covered spas and pools

Vinyl, wood, and aluminum are the materials we use the most for patio enclosures in Maryland.

Some of the benefits of having a patio install at home include:

  • Protection from harsh weather, especially extreme sunlight, wind and rain
  • A new space for enjoying family meals
  • A great way to showcase your interior design preferences

Paver Patios in Maryland

Basic patios are common, but paver patios are unique to any home because they’re designed by experts using premium materials and state-of-the-art technology. A patio is a great multifunctional space that can work as a dining area, a play area or an entertainment space. When using stone pavers, you allow your patio to not only serve these functions but also blend seamlessly into your outdoor space. This allows a great backdrop for your landscaping — your flowers and lawn — while giving you a space for your furniture or outdoor kitchen. It’ll also help you protect your beautiful flower beds! Read more about basic stamped concrete or pavers for patio here.

There are many designs, stone types, styles and materials to choose from with paver patios, so you never have to worry about having a paver patio that’s identical to your neighbor’s. With your landscape design ideas and our expertise, we can hardscape your dream patio into a reality.

If you’re interested in improving the value of your home with a paver patio, contact us at 866-598-7692 and schedule a free in-home design consultation.

The paver patio installation is a technical process, but that’s no problem for our team of experts. After consulting with you, we’ll provide a mock-up of your paver patio in a CAD drawing so you can make any adjustments you need to. After installing the patio, we also take care of cleanup and quality inspection.

Pavers come in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. Some of the popular ideas in the Maryland area include:

  • Mood lighting for a nice ambient setting
  • Strong colors for contrast and making a statement
  • Intricate patterns bordered with curbstones for a neat finish
  • Wider steps for safety
  • Stone beds for aesthetics

The most commonly used materials for patios are:

  • Flagstones
  • Bricks
  • Tiles
  • Gravel
  • Pavers
  • Concrete

There’s a wide range of benefits to creating a paver patio space in your yard.

  • They’re durable, giving you value for money.
  • They’re low-maintenance, with the occasional re-grouting being the only major upkeep needed.
  • They don’t wear away quickly, regardless of weather conditions.


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