Screen rooms provide the perfect opportunity to take in Stafford’s skyline at sunset without the mess and pests of outdoors. At Prince William Home Improvement, we’ve got a broad range of styles so you can stay true to the aesthetic of your property.

With the right heating and lighting, a screen room gives you an extra outdoor living space you can use all year round. It lets you and your family enjoy your yard and the beautiful Virginia landscape while protecting you from bugs and harsh weather conditions.

Enjoy Fresh Air Without Creepy-Crawlies

If you find that you and the family spend less time outside than you’d like you because of flies, wasps and mosquitoes, a screen room could be the ideal solution. A screened patio room gives you somewhere to entertain, relax or dine that offers the best of the indoors and outdoors. It’s a similar type of enclosure to a sunroom, but it makes use of screen meshing instead of glass panel windows.

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6 Benefits of a Screen Room

Screen rooms have an array of benefits, from adding square footage to your property to enclosing a porch or pool.

1. Enhance Well-Being

Everyone in your household can benefit psychologically from the addition of a screen room. You can get fresh air and vitamin D, which boosts energy levels and enhances immunity. It’s a fantastic location to unwind and be around nature when you feel stressed.

2. Outdoor Views, Indoor Comfort

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, a screen room is an ideal way to bring it indoors. You can decorate it with flowers, plants and trees that wouldn’t thrive indoors and choose furniture to complement the wild theme. The screened windows let in enough sunlight for you to grow a variety of shrubbery.

3. Extend Your Home for Half the Price

Whether you’d prefer a standalone screen room or you’re converting an existing room, you are adding extra functionality to your home. It’s an affordable way to give your property a makeover and make a new space for family time and parties.

4. Porch or Pool Enclosures

Screen rooms are ideal for making a porch or pool usable throughout the year.

5. Enhances Recreation at Home

A three-season or four-season screen room is a perfect spot for family gatherings, holiday celebrations and tasty dinners. People are always drawn to the unique charms of a screen room, whether it’s for a special occasion or an afternoon coffee.

6. Add Value to Your Property

Houses with screen rooms are more attractive to potential buyers and provide a natural selling point for a property. People love to picture themselves relaxing in a prospective home, and this type of room is guaranteed to capture the imagination.


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