Screen rooms offer many benefits. Enclosing an outdoor area in this manner expands your usable home space in a way that’s less expensive than building a full addition, and an outdoor screen room lets you access fresh air while remaining somewhat protected from elements such as sun, wind or rain. It’s sometimes hard to visualize just how those benefits can play a positive role in the daily life of you or your family, though. Check out how screened-in patios and decks make the three common activities below more enjoyable to better understand the benefits of this home upgrade.

1. Coffee and a Conversation

Drinking Coffee In Screen PatioSpending time with friends can improve your health and quality of life, but going out to meet someone for coffee or tea isn’t always possible or desirable. A screened-in enclosure provides a comfortable, inviting space where you can relax with friends and loved ones as you enjoy favorite beverages, discussions, and laughter.

Here are just some of the reasons to host your next coffee conversation in your own screen room:

  • You save money by enjoying drinks and food prepared at home
  • Fresh air is invigorating and can add even more to the health benefits of time spent with friends
  • Kids (yours or theirs) can play in the backyard while you enjoy a space for the adults
  • The rest of your family can remain indoors while you seek the privacy of the screen deck for a conversation

2. Bookish Pursuits

Book Reading in Outdoor Screen RoomFrom studying for an exam to reading the next bestseller from your favorite author, bookish activities go hand-in-hand with the cozy comfort of an outdoor screen enclosure. The screens block some of the outdoor wind, so your papers are less likely to be ruffled or fly away, but you still get the benefit of slight cooling breezes. And depending on your screen room’s location, you may be able to soak up a bit of vitamin D while you write in a journal or flip through a magazine.

3. Meditation, Yoga or Prayer

Meditation in Screen Deck

Screen rooms can be ideal places to seek solitude or inspiration for yoga or meditation activities. If your screen enclosure faces east, consider timing your morning yoga routine with the rising of the sun — literal sun salutations can have a positive impact on your entire day. Likewise, west-facing screened-in patios create the opportunity to close the day out in repose as you meditate or complete a gratitude journal while watching the sunset.

Since screened-in backyards let you step partially out of your home without getting all the way into the yard, you get the benefits of protective comfort and an escape from the house, which can help you enter more fully into meditation or prayer.

These are just a few of the ways screen decks and patios can play an important role in your daily activities and help increase your enjoyment of life. Ready to add an outdoor screen enclosure to your deck or patio? Prince William Home Improvement is a home service contractors in Woodbridge, VA that offers building & remodeling services to the city and its surrounding areas. Find out more about screen room options with a home design consultation on us! Now is the time to start upgrading your own property with a special space for many of your favorite activities.