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Screen rooms, or screened-in porches, are enclosed outdoor areas where you and your family can enjoy the stunning scenery of Maryland and Virginia without worrying about pests. Depending on the style of deck or patio screen room you choose, you can be protected from the elements all year round, too. This space quickly becomes many people’s favorite spot in the home because you can recline under the sun, rain or stars while enjoying the comfort of being indoors.

At Prince William Home Improvement, we’re custom screen room contractors who are passionate about exceeding customers’ expectations by creating spaces that seamlessly connect indoors with outdoors. We carefully consider your needs and work with you to ensure the result of your screen room installation is exactly what you wanted. 

The PWHI Screen Room Installation Process

It’s integral that a screening system suits the design and character of your home. After consulting with you to work out precisely what you’re looking for, our home improvement contractors construct architectural designs to show you what the deck or patio enclosure will look like. At this stage, you can make suggestions or tweaks to make sure you’re getting what you want from this project, such as the type of screen door material you use or even the walls that need painting. We are also able to help with making the necessary preparations to ensure it receives HOA approval.

We never leave a mess because we want you to get on with enjoying this new extension to your home as soon as possible. Our staff takes great care in their work, meaning they won’t be happy unless you’re happy. Additionally, an inspector from our quality control team reviews each job to make sure it’s up to our stringent standards. Because the customer experience is so important to us, we send out a survey for you to fill out in your own time to give us your genuine feedback.

What Are the Benefits of Screen Rooms?

An Incredible Living Space for Various Functions

A partial patio cover or deck enclosure can give you an extra space to enjoy family meals, throw parties, enjoy a morning cup of coffee or kick back and enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months. With a new screen room that’s fully enclosed, you can do this all year round. Sitting under the night sky or enjoying the sound of the rain from the comfort of an indoor space provides unparalleled relaxation.

Enjoy the Outdoors From Inside Your Patio Screen Room

If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, spending all your time at home inside during the colder months can feel restrictive. A screen room brings the beauty and freedom of outside into your home. Plus, the extra sunlight means that you can add as many flowers, trees and plants as you want to satisfy your green thumb all year round.

Add Value to Your Property

As with any extension that adds extra square footage or enhances what’s already there, a screen room — enclosed or partially enclosed — adds value to your home. They are also attractive to prospective buyers because of their aesthetic appeal and various functions. Screen rooms and porches can be a natural selling point for any property.

Mood Enhancement

It’s well-known that the vitamin D in sunlight is essential for our health, but it also increases energy levels and contributes to an improved mood. Even indirect sunlight that’s hidden behind clouds or weak sunshine in the colder months is highly beneficial to us. A screened-in sunroom provides a space in your home where you can soak in the sun across every season.


Getting a structural extension for your property is an expensive and time-consuming process. Adding a screen porch or deck extends your home without the full cost attached to adding a whole new room to your house. You can also get it positioned in the best location to take in sunlight, meaning you won’t need to spend as much on your electricity bill. A screen room has the ecological benefit of being an ideal space to charge solar-paneled items.

Types of Screen Enclosures

screen-rooms-with-solid-roof-and-chair-rail-custom outdoor living spaces contractor - screen room builder northern virginia

Screen Room With Solid Roof

Arguably, this is the most attractive type of four sides screen room because it can be used throughout the year. This type of room is attached to your home and covered all the way around with the material of your choice and has a fully protective roof.

We’d recommend getting a high quality kickplate installed at the bottom to keep debris and dirt out as well as preventing potential damage to the screen from furniture. Depending on your home, you can have one installed on the ground or upper floor. You can get one instead of a custom patio or deck as a transition between these structures and your garden.

patio-enclosures-with-screen room - deck builder northern virginia

Screen Enclosures With Screen Roof

If you’ve got a pool that you’d like to get enclosed, this type of screen room is ideal. The structure is made from traditional materials and aluminum, including a structural roof. They’re usually covered all the way around, including the roof, with the same material. Popular choices for the screens are regular mesh, fiberglass and polyester.

You’ll be keeping bugs and critters out of your way, and you’ll have 360-degree access to beloved sunlight. It may not keep heavy rain out or be as easy to heat up as a screen room with a solid porch, but it should be usable for three out of four seasons.

partially-enclosed-screen-room - deck builder northern virginia and maryland

Partially Enclosed, Screen Porch

We can build a porch using the existing footprint of your home if you have a suitable structure. You can also get it as an extension, as a roof without any wall systems in the style of a classic porch. The screen protects you from direct sunlight and flash showers in the summer or fall. In some cases, you may choose to get two or three sides of the porch covered, giving you increased protection from bugs and the elements while remaining entirely outdoors

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Screen Rooms FAQs

A screen room, also known as a screened-in porch, is an enclosed outdoor area that allows you to enjoy some of the benefits of being indoors while you are outdoors.
The process involves consulting with the customer to determine their needs, creating architectural designs to show what the screen room will look like, making any necessary tweaks based on customer feedback, and helping you navigate the HOA approval process if needed. Our deck builders will then construct the screen room.
Screen rooms allow you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from pests and potentially the elements, depending on the style. They seamlessly connect the indoors with the outdoors and often become a favorite spot in the home for relaxing.

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