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Few feelings match the peace and tranquility experienced when you sink into a comfy seat on your custom dream deck after a long day.

At Prince William Home Improvement, our custom decks provide the ultimate outdoor living space for relaxing, entertaining and sharing memories with your family. Whether you prefer the durability of Trex composite decks or a more traditional wood deck, our professional deck designer team will consult with you and install the deck you dream of.

Deck Building in Virginia and Maryland

The climate in Virginia and Maryland is sticky and hot in the summers and bitterly cold in the winter, with damp, rainy weather in the spring and fall. That’s why it’s extra important that your custom deck project withstand the elements — not to mention the wear and tear caused by social events, cookouts and gatherings you enjoy throughout the year. Our PWHI deck designer will expertly customize and construct your deck from the highest quality materials so it lasts for years.

Our professional deck contractors are highly experienced in craftsmanship and know how to choose the best deck color and structure that best suits your outdoor space. Our expert deck project team prefers to use Trex composite decking due to its reliability and durability; it also looks just like real wood decks. We have a beautiful range of styles if you prefer traditional timber decking.

The PWHI Process

We’re passionate about custom-built decks our customers will adore for years to come, so we make sure you’re happy every step of the way. Our quote includes collaboration with your local building inspector and a custom CAD deck design tool that shows you a 3D rendering model of exactly how your new deck will look when it’s finished. You can give your custom deck builder feedback and ask questions to ensure the saved deck plans fit the dream deck you have in your head.

Our deck designer and contractor team is proud of a job well done, and we work hard to provide you with an outdoor living space extension to your home that has that perfect professional finish. Trex composite decks are made of a hardy combination of plastic decking materials and recycled wood, so they’re environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Trex is low maintenance and has up to a 50-year limited residential fade and stain warranty.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Available in a Range of Colors

We offer a wide range of beautiful composite deck colors and styles, each with its unique appeal, so you’re sure to find one that matches your home’s architecture and palette.


No trees have been chopped down to provide your composite decking materials; even the plastic is recycled. So you can feel proud that you’re taking care of the world around you while enjoying your backyard.

The High-Performance Shell

Each composite board is encased in a protective shell that protects your new outdoor living space from extreme heat and cold and resists daily damage. This is a truly long-lasting material and an excellent investment that will look good for years.

Low Maintenance

Composite decking is ideal for people who would rather relax in their yard than worry about continually maintaining their new deck. You won’t need to apply a topcoat or be as strict about sweeping leaves and debris because your new deck won’t erode.


Not only does it look great when there are no screws or bolts visible, but you and the kids can walk on it barefoot with confidence that you won’t get splinters or trip up.

Benefits of Wood Decking


Some people prefer the way the wooden deck looks in their yard, and wood has the pleasing smell of the outdoors. Pressure-treated wood helps prevent the natural decay that occurs with this decking.

Customizable With Paints and Stains

You can paint wood decking any color and match it with deck lighting and furniture. Stains can also help protect against damage. To keep the deck looking its best, it may be necessary to repaint and treat it annually.


Softwoods are the most prone to damage over time but are also often the most affordable decking material.

Why Choose PWHI as Your Custom Deck Builder?


When you add this type of deck installation onto your house, you want it to be firmly secured in the soil. Custom deck building allows us to match the decking to the shape of your yard and the type of soil in the ground. Choosing a professional deck designer to customize the deck design results in the cleanest, sturdiest finish.

Match the Structure of Your Home

Older and newer homes tend to be very different in structure, and you want your deck to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. It also looks great to match the subtle architectural details of the house, and our deck designer can customize a deck design that does just that.

A Deck Design that Suits Your Style

Some think a deck only comes in one shape and size, but many varieties and styles exist. You can relish in the pride of personalizing something as important as what is essentially an extension of your home.

Meet Your Family’s Needs

Different families have varying needs; you may require your custom deck to be enclosed with deck railing so young kids can play, or you may want it to be on two levels with stairs to give teenagers their own bit of space.

Add Lasting Value

Choosing Trex composite decking is an investment that will last a long time. An expertly crafted deck adds curb appeal and square footage to your home, potentially raising its market value.

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Custom Decks FAQs

The benefits of installing a custom deck are plentiful. They enhance outdoor living spaces, increase property value, and provide a versatile area for relaxation and entertainment. Additionally, they can be tailored to fit your specific preferences and functional requirements.
Selecting the right material for your custom deck is important. Factors to consider include durability, maintenance requirements, visual appeal, and budget. Options such as natural wood, composite materials, and PVC each offer unique benefits and maintenance needs.
Opting for a custom deck has numerous advantages. Custom decks allow for personalization to fit your wishes and needs. Custom decks can be designed to complement the architecture of your home, utilize available space effectively, and include unique features that standard decks may not offer.
Contact Prince William home Improvement to discuss your ideas, and timeline. We will help you transform your vision into a workable design plan.

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