styled screened-in porch 
At Prince William Home Improvement, we understand that any extension of your home should match your lifestyle. After all, what good is extending your useful living space if the new addition doesn’t hold up to or support how you and your family live? That’s why we work with you to understand exactly what you need in a deck, screen room or patio enclosure before we break ground.

Here are six things to consider as you begin the process of designing and building a new screen room for your outdoor space.

1. Location is Key

The location of screened enclosures or patio enclosures is a critical factor in the design and construction process. It’s not just about more than where you have available space or you would just work on your existing deck; the location will influence the room’s comfort, usability, and overall enjoyment.

It should provide the best view of your yard but also take into account the sun’s path. You don’t want your screen room to get too hot in the summer months. Also, consider accessibility from the main house.

patio enclosures with high screen roof

2. Matching the Screened Porch Aesthetic to Your Home

Screen rooms that match the aesthetic of your home typically provide the best looks and positive impact when it comes to curb appeal and home values.

At Prince William Home Improvement, we make it easy to match your new screen enclosure to the look and feel of your home by designing digital versions first. You can view 3-D models of your screen room alongside your existing structures and make tweaks to ensure everything looks exactly as you want it to while maintaining the structural integrity of your home. When we’re done building the screen room or patio cover, it looks like an original part of your home.

custom designed screen room by PWHI

3. The Ability to Update the Look of the Screen Room

Matching the look of your screen room to your home today is one thing, but what happens if you make updates to your existing porch enclosure in the future? Can your screen room follow suit? We help you understand whether you can update the look of the screen room when you do the same to your home through maintenance such as changing roof panels, painting screen walls, adding deck enclosure kits or adding vinyl siding.

screen enclosure all year round comfort

4. Safety and Security for Kids and Pets

Safety is a top concern when designing a screen room for families with small children or pets. You might want to consider the types of surrounding walls that are used and ensure your standard door can be latched or locked to keep pets and toddlers within the safe confines of the room.

Our professional designers and builders can give you the 411 on all your options. This means you’ll have all the necessary details to ensure every detail matches your family’s needs. Ensure that every element of your new screen room – from the choice of materials to the design features – is perfectly aligned with your family’s needs, preferences, and lifestyle.

screen enclosure perfect for the whole family

5. How Much Sun Do You Want to See?

Many people opt for a screen room because they want to enjoy some sunlight without full exposure. Where you situate your screen room, how much screen or glass (versus wall) is used, and even the design of the roof can all depend on how much natural light you want coming in.

Make sure to mention if you plan to use the screen porch for container gardening or other sun-heavy hobbies so our staff can provide you with the best possible maintenance-free design options.

screen enclosure with maximum visibility and lots of sunlight

6. What Is the Purpose of the Sun Room?

Form definitely follows function when it comes to screened enclosures. If you want a mud room where the family can tromp off snow or dirt and divest themselves of heavy layers and boots before entering the house, your screen room may look different from one designed for enjoying card parties and evening cocktails.

If you want a pool enclosure for your outdoor living space, the structure is typically constructed with an aluminum frame and can offer great protection against bugs, especially in certain areas like Florida.

screen enclosure with chair rail

PWHI Building The Best Screen Enclosures in Virginia

At Prince William Home Improvement, we’re skilled at pairing your patio room needs and preferences with the best screen room designs. Once we hit on the design you like, we build it with expertise and excellence. Take a look at our photo gallery and for more information about our design process or to start it for your home, get a free quote today.