screen room that makes warm weather more enjoyable

Adding a screen room to your home or enclosing an existing porch or deck can bring benefits in all types of weather. But some of the best benefits of a screen room show up when warmer seasons roll in. Here are five ways a screen room makes spring, summer and early fall more enjoyable for the entire family.

1. Keeps the Bugs Out of Outdoor Conversations

Pests buzzing about can be annoying when you’re trying to have coffee outside with a friend, and when little ones are playing, you don’t want biting or stinging bugs impeding the fun. A screen room helps keeps pests out of the immediate area so you can enjoy some time in the fresh air and sun without covering yourself in repellent.

Since screen rooms are also fully enclosed, they keep out other potential annoyances, such as a neighborhood dog that might like to hang around.

2. Provides a Comfortable Place for Container Gardening

Screen rooms can be designed and placed so they allow plenty of sunlight through, making them an ideal place for container gardening. This can be a boon to individuals who enjoy growing things but find it difficult to get out into the garden or on uneven ground for any reason. It’s also a great place to start teaching younger children about gardening.

While screen rooms are still partially outdoor elements on your home and can’t keep every garden bug out of your plants, you’ll certainly see fewer bugs and animals when you grow things within a confined space. Deer, for example, are a lot less likely to munch away at your flowers or veggies when you grow things in a screen room.

3. Offers An Ideal Summer Work Space

Whether you work from home or just want to get some personal business accomplished, a screen room makes a lovely office during warmer months. You can enjoy the sounds of the outdoors and even the benefit of a light breeze and sunshine while the screen room keeps less beneficial elements at bay. The surrounding screen structure helps reduce how much wind enters your space, so papers and other supplies are more likely to stay put. Screen rooms also let you retreat to the shade once you’ve had enough UV rays.

4. Creates an Enjoyable Area for Sun Salutations

Screen rooms are ideal for personal sunrise rituals. Whether you enjoy watching the sun come up while drinking a cup of tea or coffee or you like to get the day started with sun salutations and yoga, an eastward-facing screen room lets you escape the house interior for these self-care moments. And if you have a westward-facing screen room, the same can be said for sunset moments.

5. Lets Small Children Play Outside Without Being in the Elements

An enclosed space that is outdoors but not quite outdoors makes a wonderful playroom for children of all ages but can be especially beneficial for families with toddlers and preschoolers. You can easily furnish and design a screen room to be as safe as possible, ensuring kids have a place to hang out in the fresh air while parents see to other activities or enjoy the same space while reading a book. Plus, the fact that the screen room is technically outdoors can allow children to make noise and play games they might not be allowed to play inside, all within a confined and somewhat protected space.

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