Elevated DeckDesigning and building a new deck is a process you should undertake slowly while you consider how you can customize it to suit your family’s needs. It’s a project that will change the architecture of your property and an outdoor living space investment you, as a homeowner, can benefit from for decades. As such, choosing the right materials is essential. Several stand out for the quality and durability of their composite decking, with Trex taking the top spot. Read on to discover the reasoning behind our recommendations for the best composite deck materials so you can make the right choice for your home.

What Is the Best Composite Decking Brand?

1. Trex Decking

Trex is an eco-friendly decking option that recycles plastic film, grocery bags, hardwood sawdust and other used materials to make its Trex Select decking boards. Each plank is solid, and you have the option of adding a coating that makes the composite decking boards resistant to water and damage. Some let you install them in a way that hides the fastenings, while other styles have visible screws. They come in a wide range of colors and styles so you can match your deck to your home’s architecture.

As well as decking, you can get deck framing elements, fencing, outdoor lighting, trim, outdoor furniture and pergolas, among other products. Trex has a huge selection of outdoor composite decking products and lumber. The company offers a 25-year limited warranty with every product, and we think they’re the number one material on the market.

2. Lumberock

Lumberock deck boards are made from a mixture of plastic and mineral materials, with no organic materials at all. While they’re resistant to water and salt damage, they’re available in a limited range of styles, and their products aren’t widely stocked.

3. TimberTech (AZEK)

These deck boards are 100% PVC, but the company has placed a focus on making its product look as natural and realistic as possible. You can choose from visible screws or hidden fasteners. AZEK is one of the largest suppliers of decking in the United States, and they are among the most expensive options.

4. CertainTeed EverNew

These lightweight decking boards are usually hollow and installed with hidden fasteners. They’re made from 100% plastic or PVC mixed with wood flour and only come in three different colors. CertainTeed is better known for railing products than for its decking.

5. Cali-Bamboo

Most BamDeck is made from 40% recycled plastics and 60% recycled bamboo, giving it a unique look and finish. There is a line called TruOrganics that features planks made entirely from recycled wood. They come in three different colors and hold up well against various weather conditions.

6. Fiberon

Fiberon is a large company that makes solid PVC decking boards, railing products and fencing. Its boards feature a composite wood and plastic core and have a PVC coating. They come in a variety of styles, including options that have more of a natural wood decking look, and you can choose whether the fastenings are visible or not.

7. Dura-Life

Dura-Life planks are made from a mixture of hardwood flooring, recycled plastic, real wood and plastic. They’re resistant to stain and damage and come in a range of colors, with four natural-look options and four solid landscape colors.

8. Envision Composite Lumber

Envision uses heat and pressure to remove all air bubbles from its composite deck boards, resulting in a heavy, hard-wearing product. Its decking is made entirely from plastic, and it has a premium product line with an additional protective coating. Boards come in a limited variety of wood tones and gray shades.

Types of Composite Decking Material

Once you’ve selected which brand you like the sound of most, there are the finer details to take care of. The best composite deck boards are a combination of plastic and recycled materials, making it extremely safe and hard-wearing. There are further variations within the category including:

  • Watertight: This type of decking board has a scalloped underside so that when they’re fit together, they’re almost 100% watertight. If you live in an area that sees a lot of rainfall, this could be the best choice.
  • Paperboard: Paperboard is light and stiff with a hollow center. It’s a mixture of plastic and recycled paper, which is said to be more fade-resistant than wood fiber.
  • Weathered wood: Weathered wood boards look like aged cypress wood, giving them an elegant finish. They’re usually reversible and made from solid wood.
  • Embossed grain: This is another type of decking designed to look elegant and natural. The wood grain effect is imprinted deeper because it’s pressed rather than cut.
  • Plastic-wrapped: These decking boards are finished using resin. This gives the composite flooring excellent protection against scratches, stains and fading.
  • Two-faced: One side of a two-faced board is smooth, while the other has a wood effect imprint.
  • Textured grain: Textured grain features a rustic-cut wood grain that hides general wear and tear.
  • All-plastic composite alternative: If you’re looking for something with low-maintenance, that is highly scratch-resistant and isn’t susceptible to water damage and mildew, all-plastic decks are available as well. The downside is that they tend to only be available in a limited color palette and aren’t always the most natural-looking option.

Why Is Trex the Best Choice?

When it came to deciding which brand has the best composite deck material, there were a few key factors we took into consideration. Sustainability is becoming a bigger priority for customers and businesses alike, so the decking materials must be as eco-friendly as possible. Trex is by far the most conscientious brand when it comes to recycling, with around 600 million pounds of recycled materials purchased and used each year.

The value to quality ratio is integral, and Trex deck boards are durable, long-lasting and affordable compared to other brands offering similar quality. Its product line offers a wide range of colors and styles — giving you a chance to fine-tune your deck design to suit your vision of the perfect deck.

Start Building Your Dream Deck Today

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