Whether you’re envisioning classic rattan furniture frames or modern wrought iron or cast aluminum laid out on your new deck, we’ve got some tips to make sure you choose the best outdoor deck furniture for your outdoor living spaceEvery year, it seems as if there’s double the amount of products to choose from online and in stores. With so many options out there, from wicker furniture to chaise lounges and folding chairs — all available in a myriad of patterns and styles — it’s good to have a plan of action.

Not all deck furniture is created equal, and a high price tag isn’t an automatic indicator of high quality. Here are our top tips for choosing outdoor seating and patio dining sets that are long-lasting and look great.

Before you choose your decor, you need to ensure you have the best patio, deck or screen room

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1. Textiles Are Everything in Outdoor Furniture Sets

Durability is probably the most essential quality to take into account when shopping for backyard furniture for your outdoor space. This is why you need to buy separate cushions, frames, and dining sets instead of making use of what you’ve got indoors.

Fabrics that are especially for outdoors tend to be water-resistant, fade-resistant, and protected against UV rays. When selecting cushions, ensure the threading is heavy-duty and the stitching is perfectly even. Air vents for fast drying are a bonus. Don’t forget that metal patio chairs or outdoor tables must be rust-resistant, too.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

If you rush into buying a patio set, you might opt for something that looks great from a distance but has certain problems, such as:

  • Steel will rust — opt for stainless steel or aluminum furniture frames instead.
  • Flimsy or delicate outdoor chairs won’t last long.
  • If screws aren’t made from stainless steel, they’ll rust and spoil the aesthetic.
  • Ensure solid wood pieces are completely sanded down to avoid splinters.

Chairs, loveseats, loungers, and patio tables will ruin the decking if they don’t have plastic or rubber feet.

3. Outdoor Decor Should Be Comfortable

If you opt for patio furniture with metal framing, it’s vital that you choose luxurious and cozy cushions. When it comes to durability, select pillows that are chunky and plush but still light and easy to carry. If the filler is springy and lightweight, it’ll dry quickly after getting wet, resisting mildew and mold to keep you lounging on them longer.

4. Choose Patio Furniture Sets to Suit Your Property

While it’s cute and fashionable to be creative and kooky with patio furniture, you should still integrate the design with the rest of your property. Instead of seasonal pieces, choose classic items that improve your home’s curb appeal. 

5. Buy Dining Furniture at the Right Time of Year

It’s much cheaper to buy a piece like an Adirondack chair or any conversation set towards the end of summer than the beginning of spring. Take advantage of end-of-season discounts, and never miss an opportunity to barter the store manager down from the original price.

6. Multipurpose Furniture Adds Value to Your Outdoor Living Space

When shopping for a new outdoor living room, make sure you opt for items that provide you with as much flexibility as possible. 

  • Collapsible, accordion, and drop-leaf tables let you create more outdoor spaces when entertaining large groups.
  • Cute display trolleys can help you move items from indoors to outdoors.
  • Dividers and screens let you play with space and create different outdoor rooms.
  • Stand-alone umbrellas are portable and convenient.

7. Protect Your Family With a Patio Umbrella

The whole point of patio furniture is that you can luxuriate in your outdoor space. As such, the last thing you need is the sun beating down and making it uncomfortable. Awnings and patio umbrellas are must-haves for any garden lounge.

8. The Size of Your Lounge Chairs Matters

Some designers have clearly opted for style over substance when it comes to patio chairs. Certain models are built so low to the ground that it’s impossible to get up, and others sport such slim designs that only a supermodel could squeeze into them. Certain couches and loveseats can be uncomfortable as well, particularly if they’re too deep.

9. Prioritize Furniture Collections’ Use Over Style

The best way to choose the right outdoor materials for your bistro set is by clearly defining what you intend to use it for. It’s also advisable to select affordable outdoor furniture based on the amount of time you have to spend on maintenance. Here’s a quick guide to the materials you’re likely to come across while shopping for high-quality outdoor furniture sets. 

  • Wood: Wood looks great, but it requires regular upkeep to prevent it from warping as a result of temperature changes and dampness. Weather-resistant woods such as redwood, teak, and cedar are the most durable choices.
  • Wicker, rattan, and grass: Provided you treat these durable materials with a resin finish and refresh it every few years, they’re surprisingly long-lasting.
  • Steel and wrought iron: As long as you weatherproof and paint metal, it’ll last a long time and look beautiful. 
  • Plastic, PVC, and aluminum: Lightweight and rustproof, when it comes to durability, these are the best materials for deck furniture.

10. Inspect Furniture Sets for Quality

Before making a purchase, be sure to inspect your new outdoor furniture set for cracked casters, sloppy welding, or haphazard stitching. While it might seem logical to care less about the quality of outdoor furniture because you use it a little less, it actually needs to be hard-wearing enough to stand up to the elements.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Patio Furniture

Now that you know what to prioritize when choosing the best patio furniture for your outdoor lounge, here are some pointers to help you avoid common alfresco furniture mistakes.

  1.  Keep fabric and wood away from the fire pit.
  2.  Most bistro sets are weather-resistant — not waterproof.
  3.  Be realistic about which furniture materials you use.
  4.  Avoid outdoor dining sets with thin legs.
  5. Being frugal with outdoor patio furniture could cost more in the long run.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Choosing the best outdoor furniture for your yard isn’t easy, but it’s a whole lot of fun. When the outdoor dining table, tabletop, side table, seat cushions, and umbrella fabrics come together on your deck, you’ll be delighted.

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