Halloween Decorating Ideas for OutsideAn inviting exterior location that encourages summer cookouts and back-to-school cram sessions on warm September evenings can easily be turned into a spooky space to liven up everyone’s October.

Check out these fun tips for dressing up your outdoor patio deck or screened-in room for Halloween.

Add Decor to Draw Out the Season

If you wish Halloween was a monthlong holiday and start buying decorations in July, a backyard patio deck or screened enclosure offers many opportunities for making the fun last as long as possible. Start adding decor to your exterior space on October 1 and continue throughout the month until you’ve built a proper homage to Halloween that you can enjoy every time you step out of your door. Here are a few favorite ideas to consider.

  • Add faux spider webs and large spiders or realistic-looking plastic bats to your screened room or covered deck for ambiance that walks a bit on the realistic side.
  • Create seasonal centerpieces for your screened enclosure tables with flowers in Halloween colors, wicked candlesticks or fun pieces such as plastic skulls or carafes painted to look like a witch’s potion.
  • String Halloween-themed lights along railings for an eerie glow.
  • Outfit corners with carved or decorated pumpkins; place real produce on saucers or mats to keep them from damaging or staining your house deck or porch floor, or opt for plastic models.

Create an Adorable Outside Deck Experience for Trick-or-Treaters

If you’re regularly visited by young trick-or-treaters during your town’s event, prepare something high on fun and low on fear factor for your outdoor patio deck. Choose a favorite fandom or show and decorate with that in mind. For example, think Mickey and Minnie throw an All Hallows Eve bash or the Disney princesses decorate for the big night. You might have Olaf-themed jack-o-lanterns or toy dinos dressed up in vampire capes and witches’ hats along the railing. Use your imagination and make something that will delight — and not frighten — the youngest Halloween adventurers.

Haunt the Neighborhood With a Terrifying Screened Porch

If you’re having guests over or the neighborhood is mostly older kids, consider turning your screened porch into a mini haunted house. Some steps for doing so include:

  • Covering the exterior screen walls with sheets of black fabric or plastic to block out any light and ensure no one gets a peek at the horror before they enter.
  • Adding special lighting and sound effects inside to amp up the spooky mood.
  • Setting up a few frightening but fun scenes that people can view as they walk through the screened enclosure and into the house (or out the back door of the screen room if you’re not welcoming people to a party inside).

Remember that safety is important and your screened porch offers limited space, so you’ll want to avoid some of the popular methods of commercial haunted houses. Don’t have people jumping out at others, for example, and ensure any decor and props you use are safe and without features such as sharp edges.

When you have an enjoyable exterior space such as a screened enclosure or outside deck, you up to the ante on holiday enjoyment and everyday functionality in your yard. If you don’t already have a screened-in room or backyard patio deck but are interested in these benefits, contact Prince William Home Improvement to get a quote for upgrading your yard today.