Modern Outdoor ConstructionNow that you’ve decided to install a deck on your property, there are plenty of important decisions to be made. It’s no small feat to make amendments to real estate, and prudent planning always guarantees the best results. Never rush into anything, and be careful to evaluate your space meticulously. Paying attention to the tiniest of details such as exact measurements ensures that your outdoor space looks professional and complements your home.

How Are You Going to Use the Deck?

The first and most important decision that determines how big the area needs to be is what function it’s going to serve. Bear in mind that this structure is pretty much always raised. If you’re planning to turn a flat space in the garden into an area for entertaining, a patio may be a more appropriate solution.

If you’re looking to create a space on a slope or around a preexisting focal point such as a pool or beautiful tree, this is a perfect solution. Likewise, if you wish to admire the view from a particular area of the backyard or design space as an outdoor extension of the home, decking is a chic and contemporary addition to any garden. A fenced deck that you step straight out onto from inside the house is also a practical solution for giving kids or pets somewhere safe to play outdoors.

Determine The Height

Once you have determined what function your roofless space is going to serve, deciding how raised you would like the area to be is integral. By the nature of the construction process, decking is always elevated from the ground. If you wish to have an outdoor space flush with a door that leads to the yard, this is a fantastic option. You can even construct a roofless space on the second floor of your property and use the space underneath as an extra relaxation area or even for storage.

In general, it’s advisable to be slightly conservative when designing your outdoor space. It’s much easier to add an extension than to tear out the whole thing and rebuild it. That said, you must make sure the space is big enough to fulfill its purpose.

Make The Most Out of Your Space

There are a few rules that the pros refer to when surveying a property. The first is that the size of the primary area shouldn’t exceed the size of the biggest room in the house. You should avoid constructing a space that is larger than 20% of the square footage of the whole house. Following these handy rules prevents the structure from dwarfing the house.

It’s also essential to have a visual idea of whether the furniture, BBQ, planters and anything else you’ll position on the platform are going to fit. As part of the preparation process, measure out the amount of space you think you’ll need. Place the items you’ll put into this space in the layout you envision. Remember, when people are using the chairs and tables and having a great time, the furniture takes up more space than it does when tucked in.

What Are the Average Sizes?

Every person has a slightly different idea of what defines a large gathering of people. For a small space that fits a table for four to six people to sit around, about 200 square feet is required. This size allows space for guests to relax and move around but won’t accommodate much more than a simple sit-down dinner for a few people.

The average size is between 300 and 400 square feet. This size provides enough space for around 10 people to have a sit-down meal. You’ll also have enough room for an outdoor grill, plants or even something unique like a hammock or hot tub. When constructing a more substantial outdoor space, we recommend incorporating multi-level designs. This makes the area more visually impressive and enables the designation of different areas for distinct activities.

If you think you’ve visualized the perfect outdoor space for your garden or would like further advice on decking, we have the solution for you. Get in touch with our professional deck builders at Prince William Home Improvement through our contact form to discuss the next steps towards making your dream backyard a reality.