A new custom deck does more than up the value of your home. House decks extend the space of your home into the beautiful outdoors, which can be a blessing on a daily basis. Home decking lets you soak in the morning sun without slogging through the dewy grass or while away afternoons with friends as kids play in the yard or nearby pool.

But outdoor lounges aren’t just ideal for daily pleasures. They can also provide benefits for special events you host in your backyard. Here are five times you’ll be happy you installed a custom designed backyard lounge.

1. Backyard Weddings (or Engagement Parties)

Backyard Wedding Next to Patio DeckWhether you’re keeping it intimate or setting up chairs and tables to accommodate 50 or more people, outdoor decks can make a big difference when you’re celebrating impending or currently happening nuptials.

It provides a solid foundation for mingling, cooking or setting up delicate table displays, and best men, maids of honor or parents can use it as a stage when making toasts to the happy couple.

With a place to lounge in your yard, you also have more options for party decor, including stringing lights or setting up botanical backdrops along the railings.

2. Warm-Weather Birthday Parties

Outdoor Deck Birthday PartyDon’t wait for a once-in-a-lifetime event to take advantage of the hospitality benefits of great outdoor living spaces.

Celebrate birthdays that fall in warm weather outdoors and enjoy them more thanks to your outdoor living hangout spot.

Some benefits of outdoor decking for birthday parties include:

  • A stable foundation under food tables, which means you don’t have to worry about tilting dishes and can invest in the most delicate of cakes without fear of it falling over.
  • Railings can be used to corral kids or set natural boundaries for certain parts of the party.
  • Railings and other parts of the structure provide more room for setting up games or party decor.
  • This backyard retreat can act as a drying station to keep drips out of your house when you host a pool party or include elements such as water balloons or sprinklers at the party.

3. Graduations

Enjoying Grad Party in the BackyardWeddings aren’t the only time you may want to stand up and make a speech about one of the family members, and the fact that many graduations occur in May or June makes your backyard a perfect location for the occasion.

Outfit your outdoor retreat with the graduate’s school colors, and set up a buffet of finger foods and beverages on it so well-wishers can stream from the house into the backyard, grabbing refreshments as they go.

4. Baby Showers

Outdoor Baby ShowerOutdoor baby showers can be fun, but if you have any type of landscape, the pregnant guest of honor may have a difficult time navigating the yard.

A backyard hangout area provides an easy place for her to relax while enjoying the party.

And if you’d rather have the event inside, an outdoor deck offers a place guests can step out for fresh air or a breather from the fun.

5. Easter Egg Hunts

Easter Egg Hunt by the Patio DeckFamily or neighborhood Easter egg hunts are great fun for the kids, and when you have a spacious outdoor space overlooking your backyard, adults can view the excitement in comfort from the “balcony” seating above.

An outdoor platform also provides a great space for kids to spread out and open plastic Easter eggs, separating the treats and keeping errant bugs and grass from making it into the house.

House decking can improve backyard living any time of year, and they come in handy on special occasions of all types.

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