An appealing outdoor area is crucial to creating a beautiful place you can call home. Prince William Home Improvement is a business that’s helped homeowners around Dumfries, VA, curate wonderful outdoor spaces around their homes for more than 36 years. We specialize in providing decking and patio paving services to help anyone enhance their outdoor spaces. Take advantage of our design and installation services to create the outdoor living space you and your loved ones deserve.

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Deck Building in Dumfries, Virginia

A deck provides a relaxing location for you and your loved ones to spend quality time while enjoying the outdoors. Deck installation is one of our most requested services in Dumfries, VA. Our customers trust us to build decks to match their homes’ architecture and provide them with a beautiful space where they can relax all year round.

Deck Design

When you hire Prince William Home Improvement as your deck contractor in Dumfries, VA, we’ll conduct a swift consultation to determine what you want to achieve in your outdoor space. We use your vision to design a 3D model of a deck that matches your home’s exterior.

We can design single-level or multilevel decks you can access from any floor of your house. We can also incorporate a pergola into the deck design to allow beautiful climbing plants to grow.

Customers often request a private dining partition and bespoke lighting to enhance their decks’ ambiance. Our custom deck builder services ensure you get a deck you can be proud of for many years to come.

Deck Installation

You’re assured of quality workmanship when you hire Prince William Home Improvement to install your Trex deck in Dumfries, VA. Whether we design the deck from scratch, use your custom creation or revamp an existing deck, our contractors will provide you with top-notch services.

We offer timely quotes and communicate our progress throughout the deck installation process. Once the work is completed, a quality control professional inspects the deck to confirm it meets our high building standards. We also clean up the site to ensure you can immediately put the new installation to good use.

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Paver Patio Installation in Dumfries

Installing a paver patio around your house can beautify your outdoors by accentuating your yard and flower beds. Prince William Home Improvement has extensive experience installing patios for homeowners all over Dumfries, VA. We maintain the highest standards to ensure your patio can withstand Northern Virginia’s hot summers and cold winters.

Patio Design

We use our experience as a trusted patio contractor in Dumfries, VA, to design patios that can stand the test of time. Our in-house professionals use your design ideas to create a beautiful, functional space.

A patio can effectively extend your indoors to create space for a grill, countertops and cabinets you can use to entertain or barbecue for your friends and family. We can even design cozy al fresco dining spaces where you and your loved ones can spend the evenings.

We also love to design patios that creatively transition your outdoors from one feature to another. For example, your patio can flow naturally from a porch down to a swimming pool or garden. We can include steps and decorated paths to enhance the visual appeal of your outdoors or build patios with fire pits and water features.

Patio Paver Installation

At Prince William Home Improvement, we’re meticulous about patio paver installation. Since our goal is to provide you with a patio that can withstand year-round weather in Dumfries, VA, we use paver stone material thats less prone to cracks. 

Installing patios involves hardscaping services such as creating a solid foundation for your pavers. We allow enough time between each stage of installation to ensure the final result is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. We also inspect the entire project to ensure it meets the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute’s (ICPI) standards.

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Screen Rooms & Outdoor Living Space in Dumfries

Screen rooms are an essential patio enclosure for any homeowner who wants the perfect view of their outdoors, regardless of the weather. A well-designed screen room provides a cozy enclosure where you can read or dine or use it as a playroom for little ones where they remain protected from the elements, insects and dust.

Screen Room Design & Installation in Dumfries

The latest trends in screen room design ensure an open, breathable space you can customize to your liking.

We design three-season screen rooms that lets you enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements.

We can also incorporate your love for greenery into the design so you can make a mini-conservatory with living walls and roofs filled with your favorite plants.

Why Screen Rooms are a Great Choice 

Imagine enjoying the warm breeze of Dumfire’s summer without having to worry about keeping the bugs away! PWHI’s screen rooms provide you and your family an unobstructed view of the outdoors with screens that provide maximum visibility. Screen room frames are strong enough to endure the rough elements and we ensure that the fiber glass mesh is will do the same.

Our screen room solutions will allow you to smell the budding spring flowers, feel the refreshing summer breezes, and relish in the beautiful foliage of fall – all things we look forward to in Dumfire. 

Screen Room Installation

To ensure your screen room lasts for years, we use sturdy screens made from aluminum for every project. Finding suitable materials and installing them safely takes some time. Still, the builders at Prince William Home Improvement are dedicated to guiding you through the process and making sure you understand what’s happening at all times.

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Deck and Patio & Screen Room Contractor near Dumfries, VA

If you want the services of an expert patio and deck builder in Virginia, look no further than Prince William Home Improvement. Homeowners all over Virginia and Maryland love us for our quality design and installations. Call us at 703-492-1294 for expert help designing an appealing outdoor living space. You can also get a free estimate to budget for deck and patio installation in Dumfries, VA.

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