PWHI is a home improvement contractor in Gainesville, Virginia, with more than three decades of experience in the field. We take great pride in providing clients with hardscaping solutions that add functionality to the home and look fantastic. Whether you’re thinking about installing a new paver patio, patio enclosure, screen room or deck, we can help you execute the project to an exceptional standard.

Deck Builder in Gainesville, VA

Choosing to transform your outdoor space from ordinary to a yard with a deck is a big decision. However, it’s one that makes life at home more enjoyable and gives you an extra sense of pride in your property. If you’re thinking of selling the house at any point in the future, decking adds curb appeal and boasts an excellent ROI.

At PWHI, we never cut corners because we’re passionate about customer satisfaction. We keep you informed and updated throughout the entire process and take careful steps to guarantee quality deck installation. First, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the property so we understand the grounds. Then, we’ll consult with you about design and create a 3D CAD image for your reference. If you have any adjustments, we can make them at this stage.

When the job is done, our team cleans the area thoroughly so you can start enjoying your new deck ASAP. Finally, we send in a quality control advisor to check the work and make sure you’re happy with the finished product.

Decking is a timeless way to add a touch of class to your outdoor space while also adding more functional space. Some on-trend decking designs include:

  • Building an outdoor kitchen on the deck as an extension of your indoor kitchen
  • Adding multiple levels so you can enjoy the deck in peace and privacy from any floor of your home
  • Including an outdoor sofa with plush cushions, lanterns and planters for a living space in your backyard
  • Going for minimalist deck design with a trendy and chic rock bed surrounding it

Decking is one of the most satisfying and practical additions you can make to your entire property. Some of its other benefits include:

  • It makes your home look beautiful.
  • Decking can increase the value of your house.
  • It adds square footage to your property.
  • You can host the best parties and gatherings in the neighborhood.

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Screen Room Builder in Gainesville, VA

Whether you choose a three- or four-season structure, a screen room can be an excellent way to get the best of the indoors and outdoors from one comfy zone. It gives the kids somewhere light and airy to play safely and provides you with a beautiful area to watch the sunset from once they’ve gone to bed.

Installing a screen room is a big project, and we always start as we mean to go on. Our surveyors will check your property to find out if any permits are necessary, and then we’ll consult with you about design. The next step is to prepare a 3D drawing so you can assess the structure to make sure it meets your expectations. After any final adjustments, work begins.

When we’re done, we’ll conduct a thorough cleanup and send in a quality control team to check that the work is up to our standards.

Screen rooms are becoming ever more popular with people looking for a transitional space between the indoors and their patio, deck or backyard. Some design ideas include:

  • Making your screen room into a cozy log cabin with a fireplace and wooden furniture
  • Getting creative with the design and adding an on-trend terrazzo floor with bright finishings
  • Using rattan furniture and canvas fabric to create a perfectly classic look
The benefits of a Screen Room in Gainesville, VA are amazing

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Patio Enclosure Builder in Gainesville, VA

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your patio throughout the entire year, a patio enclosure could be the answer. They offer a beautiful view of the outside world while protecting you from the elements. Embellishing your home with this type of structure is an investment in the comfort of you and your family, and it can add value to your home.

Before we start work or make any suggestions, we carry out a thorough assessment of your land and consult with you over design. If you need any ideas or suggestions, we’re more than happy to help. We’ll create a 3D drawing using CAD software so you can approve it or make alterations. When you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll get to work using the materials of your choice.

Upon completion, we’ll assess the quality to make sure it meets our guidelines and exceeds your expectations.

Patio enclosures are very popular in Virginia because they let you enjoy the gorgeous surroundings all year round. Some of the hottest patio enclosure design trends are:

  • Choose black furniture and glossy black accessories with pops of color for an Eastern-inspired look.
  • Create an au naturel home office space with lots of plants and flowers for the ultimate boost to your well-being while working from home.
  • Opt for a retractable roof to truly enjoy the best of the indoors and outdoors.

Getting a patio enclosure can help bring families together, as well as giving them the option for more space. Some of the other advantages include:

  • They protect you and your loved ones from the sun’s rays.
  • They keep insects out of your space.
  • Patio enclosures are low-maintenance and affordable.
  • You can entertain guests and have fun with the family in a new space.


Paver Patio Builder in Gainesville, VA

Backyard paver patio is a wonderful way to add character and usable space to your property. You can make them as elaborate and modern as you like or stick with classic pavers. It’s not only one of the most versatile ways of sprucing up your backyard, but it’s also durable and affordable.

Installing a patio can be a big project — and a significant investment in time and money. That’s why we make sure we communicate with you along every step of the way and go over and above to ensure your expectations are being exceeded. We’ll consult with you over design and then create a drawing so you can see what the finished patio will look like and make any necessary adjustments.

Patios come in all shapes and sizes — here are some of the most popular patio design trends:

  • It’s all about bringing indoor comforts outside — think sofas, cushions, beanbags and rugs.
  • Herringbone patterns are an example of a classic pattern that always looks great.
  • Add hanging baskets, planters and raised flower beds to small patios to create the illusion of tropical abundance.
  • Make a secret garden by adding a standalone patio to a shaded area at the back of the yard.
  • Use lighting to accent a minimalist design with polished concrete.

Patios can be made from a broad range of materials, such as:

  • Concrete
  • Slate
  • Bluestone
  • Cobblestone
  • Limestone
  • Brick
  • Flagstone

A paver patio can add a new dimension of enjoyment to you and your family’s life. Some other advantages include:

  • They’re easy to repair.
  • You have a huge choice of materials, styles, colors and patterns to choose from.
  • They last for decades.
  • Pavers are low-maintenance.
A finished project of Maryland outdoor living service provider.

Home Improvement Contractors in Gainesville, VA

There are plenty of options available to you if you think it’s time to give your backyard a makeover. Hardscaping can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, depending on your preferences and budget. Make sure you get the best home improvement contractor in Gainesville, VA, by hiring PWHI to help you transform your property into a paradise.

Making the decision to start a big project can be daunting, but having a beautiful new space in your yard to relax and entertain in makes it all worth it. Call Prince William Home Improvement today at 800-799-7944 for a quote.

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