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Your backyard is a haven of tranquility, and you have the freedom to design it so it perfectly fulfills your needs. Creating distinct sections is a surefire way of optimizing the aesthetics, as well as the practicality of your outdoor space. Dividing it into flower beds, grass, paver patio and decking looks beautiful and maximizes the use you can get from your yard.

Flower beds are your pride and joy, and keeping these looking neat means keeping stamping feet and flailing hands out of the way. Ensuring kids and pets have space to run wild is imperative, but so is having an entire area to relax and unwind — not to mention barbecues, social gatherings, soaking up the sun and simply having a place to sit back and enjoy your yard. Prince William Home Improvement works with you to create the new patio that suits your home and needs.

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Why Choose PWHI for Your Paver Patio Project?

While it might seem like a feasible project, undertaking a DIY paver patio installation comes with many challenges that often outweigh any initial considerations of cost-saving. The process requires not only a significant investment in materials and tools, such as a plate compactor, rubber mallet, and landscape fabric, but also a considerable amount of time dedicated to researching, planning, and executing the installation. Without the proper expertise, this can lead to common pitfalls, including improper installation that can compromise the durability and appearance of your patio.

On the other hand, opting for a professional to build a patio eliminates these concerns and brings numerous advantages. Our experts at PWHI come with all the necessary materials and bring years of experience and expertise, ensuring that the job is done efficiently and correctly

PWHI is a paver patio installation company that cares about helping families make their dream ideal outdoor living space a reality. Communication is integral to this process, so we find out as many details about what you’re looking for as possible. We also give you our professional opinion of what we think is going to work with the architecture and color palette of your home, be it using crushed gravel or brick pavers as an example.

We construct our patios according to strict ICPI standards and finish every job to the highest standards. Our team is proud to build patios that last for years to come. PWHI has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which demonstrates the commitment we have to providing our customers with outstanding service.

The Process of Paver Patio Installation Services

We offer free in-home design consultations to every potential client. During this time, we carry out a site review and find out what you envision using the space for. If you have a clear idea of how you’d like your backyard patio to look, we’ll recreate your ideas. We’re also more than happy to provide advice about what will best suit your home for those who are looking for some input from our experts.

For pinpoint accuracy, we use CAD software to create a 3-D image of what your patio design is going to look like before we begin work. You can fine-tune this diagram and feel secure that what we’re going to build is going to look exactly how you imagine it. Once the patio installation is done, our quality control department will inspect the work and ensure that you are happy with your new yard.

Popular Paver Patio Design Ideas

If you thought a patio was just a paver base of your yard, think again. There are so many different things you can do with a paver patio and a broad range of functions it can serve. Stone pavers come in all shapes and sizes and can be arranged in a manner of patterns, depending on your preference. You can get furniture and equipment built into your paver patio to use it for the purposes that best fit your family’s lifestyle.

How to Select the Right Color

Patio pavers look elegant and refined when they match the color of the rest of your home, but they can also reflect your style and personality. Beach bums may love a nautical theme and would include a gravel patio or polymeric sand with some touches of blue on their paver patio. Cooking enthusiasts can choose a bistro palette laying pavers with colors that complement foods such as red and orange. You can also go for a wacky multicolored aesthetic or a designer palette with polished concrete pavers.


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