The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Hub: 10 Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Your Screen Room

Spring and summer have fun outdoor activities like gardening, games and exercise sessions. When cold weather hits, however, we quickly retreat to the comfort of the indoors. If you want to enjoy outdoor entertainment year-round, you might benefit from a screen room.

An enclosed outdoor area lets you take advantage of the Woodbridge, VA, scenery without worrying about pests or rain. And plenty of fun things to do on a screened front porch, deck or patio. Here are 10 of our top favorite screen room activities.

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1. Family Game Nights

Nothing brings families together quite like a board game. Whether you’re battling over Monopoly territories or facing off in an intense round of Scrabble, board games provide endless entertainment.

To elevate your family game nights, take some time to craft a comfortable outdoor space. For example, you could get outdoor furniture, like a table or chair. Alternatively, you could use throw pillows to create a cozy seating area.

2. Outdoor Dining Experiences

If there’s one thing almost everyone enjoys, it’s an al fresco dining experience. If you have a covered porch, you can take advantage of outdoor meals anytime. Just get a coffee table and assemble some chairs; you’ve got a quick, cozy dining area.

For frequent outdoor diners, you could even build a small outdoor kitchen. All you need are the bare essentials and one central cooking element, such as a grill or pizza oven. Once you’ve assembled your kitchen and dining space, you can spend the entire evening outside.

3. Movie Nights

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned movie night? Whether it’s the latest horror flick or a comedy classic, an entertaining film always brings people together. Add some popcorn and snacks, and you’ve got the perfect night.

One thing that makes movie nights even more fun is watching them outside. You can set up a film on a laptop or play it on a projector. Then, gather some seats, sit back and enjoy! If you don’t have enough space, just throw in an outdoor rug for extra seating.

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4. Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Sometimes you just need to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in nature. Of course, things like bad weather, storms and bugs can make that difficult. Screen rooms let you enjoy the fresh air while protecting yourself from the elements, ultimately offering the best of both worlds.

A few great ways to unwind on a screen porch are practicing yoga and meditation. For a heightened relaxation experience, consider installing a hot tub.

5. Book Club Gatherings

Are you an avid reader? If so, a screen room is your next reading nook. It offers everything you need in a reading experience, from privacy and comfort to beautiful views and fresh air. It’s also a great place to host book club gatherings.

To boost your comfort levels, you could install an outdoor fire pit. With warmth and light, you can read well into the night.

6. Arts and Crafts Workshops

6. Arts and Crafts Workshops

Anyone who enjoys arts and crafts projects knows they can get messy. Things like glue, paper and glitter can quickly spread throughout your home, leaving you with a substantial mess to clean up.

A screen room is great for completing your artsy projects or hosting an arts and craft workshop. While you’ll still need to clean, you don’t have to worry about glitter glue on your dining table or kitchen supplies.

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7. Gardening in a Controlled Environment

Are you interested in gardening but hesitant to take on a serious garden project? If so, gardening in a controlled environment — such as a screen room — may be exactly what you want.

So, what does screen room gardening entail? All you need is some simple greenery to care for. This could be anything from potted plants to plants on a bar cart. Ultimately, this is a simple, effective way to develop a green thumb!

8. Sports Viewing Parties

If you’ve ever been to a sports viewing party, you’ll agree that they can get intense. Whether it’s a March Madness basketball tournament or the annual Super Bowl, there are bound to be people arguing over their favorite team. Even though friends and family might disagree on who should win, these parties are always a good time.

9. Kids’ Play Area

Playing outside is an excellent way for kids to pass the time. Of course, things like intense heat and rain can create some unsavory conditions. Fortunately, screen rooms solve that problem. The porch screen will provide shade (and security) while letting that valuable sunlight filter in.

As an added perk, constructing a play area for kids is relatively easy. All you need are your kids’ favorite toys and a cozy rug to sit on.

Photo of family sitting in screened room

10. Pet Relaxation Zone

Our dogs and cats are like children to us. Anyone who has pets will swear that their pet is practically family. Why not show your love for your precious pet by building it a comfy screen room to hang out in?

A screen room is an excellent place for pets to soak in sunlight and watch passersby. Plus, the screen enclosure will prevent them from leaving home.

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