5 Advantages of Enclosed Screen Rooms from Prince William Home Improvement

advantages of enclosed screen room

Screen rooms from Prince William Home Improvement provide a number of benefits for homeowners and families. You can rely on the quality construction of our home additions to deliver benefits through the years, and we work with you to understand your needs so we can craft an outdoor living space you’ll love spending time in.

Check out these five reasons to build a screen room on your home.



1. Keep Bugs Out of Your Activities

Screen rooms help keep pests of all sizes out of your space, and they’re especially effective in keeping flying insects away from your beverages, food or skin. Enjoy family dinners in an outdoor environment or a cup of coffee while viewing the sunrise without constantly swatting away flies and other annoying bugs.

During seasons or days when insects seem to swarm, screen rooms let children play outdoors without succumbing to so many bites, keeping the irritable itches down during warm months.

2. Enjoy a Weather Shelter in Your Yard

Screen rooms aren’t just a shelter against flies or mosquitoes. They also ward off wind and keep you dry when it’s raining. Whether you want to get a bit of fresh air during a snowfall or set up play areas for a loud group of kids outside the home during a spring rain shower, screen rooms are an ideal location.

During particularly wet periods, screen rooms can also double as an exterior mudroom, providing a location for people to remove muddy shoes or shed snow-covered outerwear before entering your home. That type of care helps you protect your entire home by reducing dirt and moisture that can damage flooring.

3. Increase the Value of Your Home

The right screen room adds value to your home by increasing curb appeal and expanding your usable space. By working with the experts at Prince William Home Improvement, you can ensure that any addition is in line with the aesthetics of your existing structure and build to provide long-term functionality and visual appeal.

4. Create Additional Outdoor Living Space

One of the biggest benefits of a screen room is that it creates a versatile outdoor living space that supports individual and family activities and outdoor entertainment.

You use the screen room as a way to divide your outdoor space during multifunctional events or by age or interest groups. For example, if you’re hosting a backyard cookout with families and kids of all ages, you might designate the screen room for people who want to play cards or as a safe space for young toddlers to play with toys. On days when it’s just your family, the screen room offers an ideal boundary for keeping toys out of the yard while allowing kids to play safely in the fresh air. 

5. Enjoy Peace of Mind Thanks to the Maintenance-Free Structure

One benefit of working with Prince William Home Improvement to build your screen room is that we use high-quality materials you can rely on. Many of our screen rooms are built from composition materials that require little to no maintenance, so you can enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about constant upkeep.

For more information about the type of screen room that’s possible in your space, contact us today.