Cozy little back yard patio with table and chairs surrounded by gardenIt seems like the choice of materials, furniture, fabrics and landscaping ideas gets bigger and better each year. With more styles and trends to pick from, you can create a patio design that’s both on-trend and perfectly customized to your preferences. Let’s take a look at the top 10 patio garden ideas to transform your outdoor space into your own slice of paradise.

1. DIY Container Garden

Container gardening is one of 2021’s hottest trends, and it works just as well in a small backyard as it does in a huge outdoor area. Containers are space-saving and low-maintenance, allowing you the freedom of rearranging your flower garden whenever you fancy.

2. Cottage Garden Ideas

The cottagecore trend is gaining traction as people get back to basics and turn to inspiration from traditional backyard patio spaces. Think hanging planters, window boxes, elegant climbers, white wicker patio furniture and floral fabrics. Wrap string lights around trees and decking to complete the fairy-tale aesthetic and transition the ambiance between day and night.

3. Mirrors and Small Spaces

Just because your garden space is small, that doesn’t mean it’s any less deserving of a makeover! Mirrors are an excellent way to give the illusion of more space and enhance the mystique of your patio design. Opt for a feature wall on one side with a mirror on the other, or go all out and add mirrors to every wall with hanging baskets, planters and raised beds to give the impression of an abundant, overflowing space.

4. Living Walls and Vertical Gardens

Beautifully decorated vertical spaces are excellent for households full of social media butterflies. Not only do living walls add an extra natural dimension to your outdoor living space, they also serve as an excellent backdrop to Instagram photos and TikTok videos.

5. Outdoor Room, Indoor Decor

Outdoor living rooms are growing in popularity each year. With more people than ever working from home, homeowners are looking for creative ways to compartmentalize their outdoor living space. Add a sprawling corner couch under a pergola with a coffee table, plush cushions and a fireplace to create a comfy living room in your backyard.

6. Fire Pit Focal Point

Fire pits make the best focal points because they’re functional and provide an excellent starting point for the overall patio design. You can match your fire pit to the existing architecture or use the style of your fire pit as inspiration for the rest of your outdoor seating area.

7. Herb Garden Patio Ideas

Herb gardens are hot this season because they serve a purpose and give you an excuse to get lots of little decorative planters. Of course, you can plant herbs directly into your flower beds and create beautiful designs or get a quirky vertical herb planter.

8. Water Features

Water features will never go out of fashion because they look beautiful and add an extra dimension to your backyard: sound. The sound of water has a soothing effect on the brain, and the amount of choice out there means you can select a water feature that matches your patio design perfectly.

9. Clashing Colors

Matching colors and monochrome are trends of the past in the world of patio design ideas. Be big, bold and brash when choosing a color scheme for your patio furniture covers and tiles.

10. Mediterranean Style Bistro Outdoor Dining

The Mediterranean look is in vogue right now, with terra-cotta pots and tiles, dark wood, distressed fabrics and succulents dominating many garden shows and fairs this year.

Update Your Garden Design Today

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