why your family needs a patio or deck this summer

Adding a deck or patio to your home provides a number of benefits, including increased curb appeal and potentially higher sale value. But it’s not all about the real estate numbers when it comes to expanding your usable space. Here are five family-friendly reasons to build a deck or patio before summer.

1. Enhance Summer Cookouts

Decks and patios enhance backyard cookouts and other gatherings by providing solid space where guests can stand and mingle without trampling grass or other landscaping. Composite, stone or wood foundations also keep guests from lingering in damp grass or mud when you host an event following a seasonal downpour or during late-night hours when dew may begin to collect.

Whether you plan on gathering as a family at an outdoor table this summer for dinners or enjoying cocktails under the stars with friends, a new deck or patio keeps everyone more comfortable.

2. Connect Home to Pool

Decks and pools are also ideal ways to connect the interior of your home to a pool. This is true whether you build a deck around an above-ground pool or extend your patio to an in-ground structure.

Patios and decks let people move easily from home to pool without having to walk in grass or dirt. That helps keep your home and pool cleaner and can even reduce your work in keeping the pool water clean.

When a deck or patio abuts your pool, you also get the benefit of a space for sunbathing or enjoying a good book and some sunshine while the kids swim.

3. Create Shaded Lounge Spaces

Patio or deck options with roof structures provide a cooler place to enjoy the outdoors during the warmest months. You can sit with friends and enjoy the occasional warm breeze without exposing yourself to constant UV rays. Young children can also escape the direct rays of the sun without giving up the enjoyment of sand and water tables, water toys or even small pools.

Some deck and patio designs provide more help with staying cool. Opt for designs that incorporate ceiling fans to help circulate air on humid summer evenings for increased enjoyment of the outdoors.

4. Provide Kids with Safe, Private Play Spaces

Patios and decks can help you create a section of your backyard that is more private or confined, which can be ideal for parents of young children. The right types of railings and gates can keep young children safely on the deck, allowing them to play outside without exposing them to risks in the yard. This can be especially helpful if you have a large backyard, wooded yard or property that isn’t fenced in.

For those that live in close quarters with other neighbors, certain types of design elements can be integrated into a patio or deck to maximize privacy.

5. Reduce the Amount of Dirt and Debris Carried into Your Home

Putting a stone, wood or composite structure between your backdoor and your yard helps reduce the debris that gets tracked in as family members come in and out throughout the summer. It also provides a place for kids to dry off after time in the sprinklers before tracking water onto your wood floor or carpet.

Decks and patios can help increase your enjoyment of your home and yard this summer. Find out more about your options for high-quality, customized decks and patios by contacting Prince William Home Improvement today. Click here to get a free estimate!