Screened in Deck

In Virginia’s glorious summer sunshine, it’s crucial that you can unwind in your yard without feeling exposed to your neighbors. Nobody is intentionally trying to pry into each other’s outdoor space, but being aware of random people can shatter the illusion of your private backyard oasis. Thankfully, there are plenty of creative ideas for deck privacy that let you and your loved ones recline away from prying eyes.

Why Come Up With Ideas for Deck Privacy?

Watching other people through the gaps in the trees at the edge of your yard is annoying at best. Whether you and the family love splashing around in the pool or soaking up the sun’s rays in nature, ideas for deck privacy are essential.

It’s just a little harder to fully relax when you know you can see out and other people can see in.

The Most Popular Privacy Ideas for Deck and Patio Perfection

There are ideas for deck privacy that add an attractive design element and provide shade from the sweltering heat. Read on to discover the top eight trendiest privacy ideas for deck and enclosed patio space right now.

1. Pergola With Retractable Roof

Trellis with green leaves of Virginia creeper

Pergolas are excellent additions to backyards that contain decking elements. The wooden design complements pretty much any style home, and there are countless ways of customizing them. From simple pergolas with wo

od slats for a partial covering to ones with electric retractable roofs, there’s something for everyone’s budget and preference.

Gazebos and beach huts are great to create private areas within the garden. They have the bonus of looking cute and creating an entirely new room on your property. With a pergola that has a retractable roof, you can get the best of both worlds!

2. Trellis With Climbers

A long-term solution is to install trellises and plant climbers to create a pretty and natural wall between you and the neighbors. You can match a trellis to your deck, include a wood lattice fence and add lots of flower pots for an overgrown tropical look.

You can even buy ready-made trellises with the leaves already entwined. If you don’t have time to waste and need privacy in the backyard as soon as possible, this could be the ideal solution, especially if you like the natural look.

3. Modern Metal Fences

An affordable, contemporary idea for deck privacy is a metal fence . This looks particularly impressive if your yard is predominantly concrete, stone, gravel and planters. Corrugated iron gives the space a futuristic look, while stamped metal has a more industrial vibe for deck railing.

You can buy them in sheets that are kind to your wallet in home improvement stores. They’re also environmentally friendly because they’re so hard-wearing.

4. Luxury Linen Curtains

There are plenty of ways you can install heavy curtains on your decking to bring the indoors outdoors. You could opt for a custom-built unit to hang them from, which adds a unique element to your landscaping. You can get custom units designed with seating and curtains to match the deck for the ultimate minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic.

Alternatively, you can attach linen curtains to a porch or pergola for an equally impressive private and shady yard.

5. The Hedge Wall

hedge surrounding a number of houses

A tried-and-true method is to either plant or purchase large hedges for the perimeter of your outdoor space. It’s the most environmentally friendly idea for deck privacy and arguably the most beautiful. Hedges can reach pretty much any height you’d desire and conceal privacy very effectively when correctly maintained.

Depending on the type of hedge you choose, it can take decades if you opt to start from scratch. However, the sense of pride you’ll have in contributing to planting something will be overwhelming, and it’s usually worth the wait. You can purchase trees and hedges and have a tree surgeon plant them, but it’s an expensive and complicated process.

6. Cascading Landscape

One way to ensure privacy is by building a cascading landscape around a bright, open patio with seating in the middle. Add retaining walls, concrete steps and a water feature for a secret garden in your own yard. Planting trees and bushes and adding features at varying heights makes your outdoor space look stunning while adding privacy.

This sort of project is expensive if you try to do it all in one go. However, if you attempt to break it down into smaller jobs over several years and just let trees grow, these types of transformations are entirely affordable.

7. Make a Fence of Bamboo

Bamboo is fantastic for two main reasons: It makes your yard look instantly tropical and grows thick and fast for exceptional privacy. It gets tall and looks gorgeous, making it the perfect idea for deck privacy to shield you from neighbors’ wandering eyes.

Bamboo matches decking wonderfully, adding to the woody, natural look you get by including decking as a feature in your outdoor space.

8. Giant Planters

If you don’t have anywhere to plant trees or bamboo but still crave a fence that blends in with the environment, consider getting large planters. Although they can be costly, there are budget options available that look great and do the job perfectly. This is one of the fastest ideas to implement for deck privacy, so it’s ideal if time is of the essence.

Unwind in Total Privacy at Home

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