aerial view of white patioIf you’re looking for a way to break the monotony as lockdown begins to ease, what better way than treating yourself to a landscaping and interior design makeover? At PWHI, we’ve got the outdoor space covered. We’ll help you design the perfect outdoor patio, backyard deck, screened-in sunroom or patio enclosure and execute a perfect job every time.

Read on to discover the hottest modern design ideas for your patio, and get in touch with us when you find the perfect landscape design for your home.

15 Modern Patio Design Ideas for Contemporary Outdoor Living Space

1. Outdoor Living Spaces

The hottest trend for 2021 is undoubtedly transforming your yard into an outdoor living room. While minimalist designs have ruled interior and exterior design for decades, plush, loud and busy decor is coming back with a bang.

Get this look by adding cozy throw pillows, outdoor rugs, a coffee table, candles, lanterns and homey curtains to your pergola or patio enclosure.

2. Outdoor Kitchens

Let’s face it — we spent more than enough time indoors in 2020. This year is all about getting outside and enjoying nature as much as possible. Not only is it great for your well-being, but it saves time cleaning up indoors, too!

You can install a grill, pizza oven, cabinets and even a fully plumbed kitchen. Add an outdoor dining area close by and enjoy cookouts with family and friends all year round.

3. Hidden Lights 

One of the best ways to make your patio look chic and unique is by including hidden lighting fixtures. You can position them so they create attractive shapes on the walls and flooring.

4. Unique Light Bulbs

Another great way you can use lighting to enhance your patio space is by adding trendy light bulbs with pretty filaments, string lights or strip lights to specific areas. With carefully chosen lighting, you can create ambience and transform the space in the transition from daytime to evening.

5. Built-In Hot Tub

While a built-in hot tub is by no means a new idea, there are more styles and types of home spas than ever before. Plus, there just aren’t many ways to unwind that are as good as slipping into your own hot tub.

6. Grass or Gravel Paver Borders 

Patios look so good in your yard because they’re usually made from a natural material, such as stone. This seamlessly coordinates with the lawn, flower beds and rocks that are already there. If you’d like an even more integrated look, leave space between the pavers and fill it with gravel or grass.

7. Funky Swing Chairs

In 2021, there are more choices for buying patio furniture online and in stores than ever before. You can truly find something that suits your personality and stands out from the endless yards full of rattan tables and chairs. Opt for contemporary swing chairs that hang from the ceiling instead of a traditional hammock.

8. DIY Outdoor Furniture

In addition to being able to buy more products online than before, it’s also possible to buy tools and learn how to make things using how-to guides. If you’re really into customization and want a truly unique backyard, make your own tables and chairs for the garden. The sense of satisfaction when you sit down at the end of the day will be even sweeter.

9. Clashing Colors and Maximalism

Ladies and gentlemen — you no longer have to fear color clash. In fact, in 2021, you should seek clashing colors and loud prints! The rules of strict color matching and coordination are a thing of the past, so if loud and bold is your bag, you can indulge and still be fashionable.

10. Minimalist Decor

Don’t worry if maximalism isn’t your thing, clean lines, hidden handles and fixtures and integrated furniture are never going to fall out of favor. While the Scandi look is no longer the most sought-after style, it’s still beloved by many.

11. Matching the Patio Garden to Your Interior Design

Blurring the boundaries between outdoors and indoors is truly the hottest trend for 2021. Another great way to do this is by including materials, colors, textures and shapes you’ve already used indoors. It’ll be impossible not to notice how perfectly put-together your home’s design is if you opt for this look.

12. Solar-Powered Water Features

Water features don’t just look beautiful, they also add an extra dimension to the design and enjoyment of your patio: the sound of flowing water. Few things are as relaxing as sitting outdoors with a book or good friend with the sound of a trickling water feature in the background. You can get awesome solar-powered fountains that don’t cost much or harm the environment.

13. Hidden Seating Areas

Who hasn’t always secretly dreamed of having a secret garden? If you build hidden seating into your garden’s design, there’s no doubt it’ll be one of the most popular spots in the yard.

14. Pergola-Covered Swimming Pools 

Covering your pool with a pergola or patio enclosure is a great way to get use out of it for a larger portion of the year. Decorate the pergola with curtains, hanging flowers and climbing vines for added privacy.

15. Fire Pit Focal Points

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit means you can use your patio on cool evenings and provide a centerpiece for your patio. Plus, you and the family can have chats, sing songs and entertain guests around the fire.

Treat Yourself to a New Backyard Patio or Remodel Your Current Garden Design

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