It’s that time again — you’re ready to give your outdoor space in Fredericksburg, VA, a makeover. PWHI offers everything from traditional wood decks to state-of-the-art Trex Composite Decking, amazingly crafted paver patios, screen rooms keeping the bugs out and much more.  Enhancing your yard brings you and your family joy and more functionality throughout the home.

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Deck Builders in Fredericksburg, VA

Installing a deck is one of the most versatile and classiest ways to add functionality to your yard or outdoor space. You can opt for an all-out two-floor wood deck building that connects to the upstairs and downstairs of your property or add a decked area to a compact apartment yard to create the illusion of more space and expand the surrounding area. However you add your custom deck in Fredericksburg, VA, we’re passionate about perfecting each project.

PWHI is the leading deck contractor in Fredericksburg, VA, delivering outstanding jobs for each of our clients. We can work with you to create a custom deck design that complements your home’s architecture and suits your tastes. We’ll help you select the perfect materials to bring your dream deck to life and install the entire deck with precision.

The versatility and elegance of a deck make it the perfect addition to any home. Our for-hire Fredericksburg deck builders cannot wait to work with you to create a custom design that brings your vision to life and complements your home’s architecture. Whether you want to create more outdoor living space through a deck or screen porch, connect multiple levels of your property, or simply add style with a paver patio, we are your dream builders who can help make quality custom decks happen.

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A few additions can match the timeless charm and versatility of a well-crafted deck when it comes to enhancing your home’s beauty, functionality, and value. We listed some of the reasons to get an outdoor wood deck below. At PWHI, a locally owned company and trusted deck builders, we understand the allure of these outdoor spaces. With free estimates and dedication to customer satisfaction, PWHI is your best deck builder.

  • Can add curb appeal to your home and offer a high Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Creates a beautiful space for outdoor cooking and dining
  • Increases the square footage of your property
  • It provides a wonderful place to entertain
  • Is low maintenance
  • Serves as a ready-made relaxation zone

We think it’s essential to be thorough throughout the entire process to get the exact wood deck you’ve pictured. Our deck builder team will work with you to design your custom wood, pressure-treated wood or trex composite deck. You can tap into their expertise to ensure that they do a fantastic job with the color and style that suit the architecture of your home. We’ll then render a 3D drawing using CAD software to show you how the result will look. At this stage, you can provide feedback and make any tweaks necessary to bring your new deck project to life.

PWHI stands out from other deck companies in Fredericksburg, VA, because our Fredericksburg deck builders work tirelessly from start to finish to build your custom decking to spec. Each and every member of the deck contractor team is a perfectionist who cares deeply about exceeding clients’ expectations.

Once the job is complete, our quality control team will do a final inspection and assess the artistry, answer any questions or address issues in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. If you need more than decking, we offer other home improvements, such as screen room or patio pavers, to make your future projects stand out.

If you’re yearning for a wood deck or trex deck but haven’t decided how you want it to look, here are some awesome decking ideas for inspiration.

  • Zoning | Zoning is back, and it’s bigger than ever. More space and definition are created in backyards when wood decks are separated into distinct areas. This lets your deck contractor blend materials and elements effortlessly for your custom deck in Fredericksburg, VA.
  • Curved decks | They can be used to create a variety of different spaces, from intimate seating areas to expansive entertainment zones. One of the main benefits of curved decks is that they can help to break up the lines of a traditional rectangular deck, making it appear more visually appealing. They can also be used to create a sense of flow and movement in a backyard, drawing the eye from one area to the next.
  • Gray decking | Hire Fredericksburg Deck Builders to install a gray trex deck in your outdoor area. Neutral shades like gray never go out of fashion and fit beautifully with the outdoors, especially with superb craftsmanship. Gray wood deck is a hot trend in hardscaping that will always stay in style.
  • Ambient Lighting | Built-in custom deck indoor and outdoor lighting looks incredibly chic and highly pragmatic. You save space and reduce clutter by including lights and deck post caps in the wood deck design. Additionally, it makes the entire area safe to use at any time of day.

Our Fredericksburg deck builders craft your composite deck using expertly sourced materials. Most of the custom decks made by our deck builder in Fredericksburg, VA, are either made from Trex deck composite material or classic timber deck. Our wood decks and Trex decks are made with excellent craftsmanship from PWHI local pros. Contact our deck builders to begin construction now.

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PWHI is the leading deck contractor in Fredericksburg, VA

Screen room contractor Fredericksburg, VA

Look no further if you’re looking for screen room installation in Fredericksburg, Virginia. At Prince William Home Improvement, we can build any style of screen room, such as a patio enclosure made of prefabricated vinyl and aluminum or a porch enclosure built from wood or composite materials. We can even add electrical or plumbing outlets for ceiling fans, outdoor kitchens or a backyard bar.

  • Enjoy the beautiful view without worrying about critters and bugs
  • Protect from the sun, harmful UV rays and extreme weather in Fredericksburg, VA
  • More space to throw gatherings in town
  • Add curb appeal
  • Increase your property’s value
  • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Increase privacy with a room addition

Screen rooms come in all shapes and sizes, so we’re careful to work closely with you throughout your conception so we can provide quality work and transform your outdoor space. Our highly qualified design team creates a 3D drawing to show you how the finished enclosed patio will look. We encourage you to make any necessary changes at this point — no matter how minor — so you end up with the perfect patio enclosure.

If you need help with planning permission, we’ll make arrangements to ensure you get HOA approval. Our team takes great pride in finishing each job to the highest standards by using quality materials and having an entire team of experts, but we go the extra mile by sending in a quality control inspector, too. This ensures that our patio enclosures are completed to spec and allows you to ask your contractor questions.

PWHI are your screen room dream builders in Fredericksburg, VA, and its surrounding area. We have years of experience building custom decks, patio enclosures, and porch enclosures for homeowners in Fredericksburg, VA; we would be happy to work with you for the entire process of screen room installation.

A screened porch or room is a timeless addition to your house as a homeowner who always stays in fashion. Some of the popular ways they’re currently used in Fredericksburg, VA homes include:

  • A Living Room With a View
    It’s all about bringing the outdoors inside and taking the indoors outside. You can create a fully functional living space in your attached screen room. The bonus comes in the warmer months when you can remove one or more panels of your screen porch to let the fresh air in as you luxuriate indoors.
  • Cover Your Pool
    A screened porch or enclosure is the perfect solution for using the pool all year round. While swimming indoors, it lets you and the family enjoy the glorious sunlight through all four walls of your screen room in Fredericksburg, VA. The bonus? Less time and money spent on pool maintenance!

Most screen rooms in Fredericksburg, VA, utilize vinyl for their screens. This material, renowned for its durability and resistance to the elements, is an excellent choice in a region with fluctuating weather conditions throughout the year. Homeowners in Fredericksburg prefer vinyl screen enclosures because of their low maintenance requirements. Using vinyl ensures long-lasting enjoyment of the great outdoors without concerns of rust or corrosion.

Fiberglass and mesh components are frequently integrated into these screened porches to enhance their functionality and provide optimal ventilation.

The benefits of a Screen Room in Fredericksburg, VA are amazing

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Paver Patio Builder in Fredericksburg, VA

At PWHI, we love getting creative with our patio services in Fredericksburg, VA, to help our clients achieve the expertly manicured backyard they’ve always dreamed of.

Landscaping designs look most impressive when you combine a neatly constructed mix of natural materials, such as wood, stone, water and beautiful vegetation. Adding a patio area to your backyard is the perfect way to finish your garden.

It looks awe-inspiring when combined with a new deck or as part of an outdoor kitchen design. Luckily, the PWHI team consists not only of season patio builders but also of the leading deck contractors in the area; you can hire Fredericksburg deck builders to build your outdoor living space and patio pavers.

  • Add value to your home
  • Extend the livable space in your property
  • Have an extra space for entertaining and unwinding
  • Is low maintenance
  • Include a stone element in your landscaping design

Whether you get a standalone patio as the bridge between your home and outdoor space, build with retaining walls in mind, install an outdoor kitchen, or create a full-blown open-air living area, we’ve got you covered for the entire process. Over a decade of experience means our patio builders know how to create the best match for your yard. Of course, if you have a clear idea of what you want, they’re equally happy to help you bring it to life.

We’ll make a computerized 3D drawing of your custom design so you can visualize the finished product and make any changes necessary to make the design of your dreams come to life. Our expert paver patio contractors will carefully lay the patio now and begin construction, then perform a thorough cleanup when finished.

When the patio project is done, we’ll send in a surveyor to ensure the patio meets our exacting standards. We’ll also follow up with a phone call to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with the new look for your outdoor living space.

Unlike stamped concrete patios, Paver patios never go out of style because they mimic nature. However, the ways of enhancing and using your patio are ever-evolving.

  • Seating Walls | If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your patio while maximizing functionality and space, consider a seating wall for your paver patio. It’s more than just a place to sit; it’s a statement of style, an embrace of modernity, and a nod to thoughtful, practical design in outdoor living spaces.
  • Outdoor Kitchens | One of the hottest trends for patios is including an outdoor kitchen. Pavers are ideal for cooking because they’re one of the hardiest materials you can build with. Plus, stone looks gorgeous with stainless steel, marble and practically any other surface you’d use in a kitchen. An outdoor kitchen lets you get back to nature and spend quality time together as a family in a delightful shared space.
  • Fire Pits | You can make a fire pit the focal point of your patio and bring your backyard warmth as well as beauty. It’s a fantastic place to gather once the night draws in, continue a celebration, or chill out as a family.

We can make your paver patio in Fredericksburg, VA, with a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Clay brick
  • Flagstone

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Make Your Backyard a Paradise

There are no downsides to changing your backyard for the better. If you opt for a new custom deck, patio, screen room or patio enclosure, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief every time you step outside. When you hire Fredericksburg outdoor space builders from PWHI, be it for a wood deck or patio project, you’re trusting a professional, locally-owned outdoor space construction company with a reputation for being one of the leading deck contractors and deck companies.

There are plenty of reasons to invest in wood decks or patio services for your home. Not only will it provide you with a beautiful and relaxing space to enjoy the outdoors, but it will also add value to your property. If you’re considering hiring a professional deck builder, or patio installation company, contact PWHI

Our experienced Fredericksburg deck builders will work with you to create the perfect outdoor space that meets all your needs and exceeds all your expectations. So why wait? Contact us today to get started!

Call Prince William Home Improvement today at 703-492-1294 or fill out the online form for a quote to get your perfect yard in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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