7 Benefits of an Outdoor Living Space

Installing an outdoor living space is one of the biggest home improvement trends. You can use an outdoor living space for a wide range of functions in your everyday life, with home offices and garden rooms proving popular with many homeowners. 

However, there’s another important reason to include an outdoor space indoors: for the well-being of you and your family. You can use it as a wonderful way to relax, enjoy nature, and entertain family and friends in a cozy, fashionable living space.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of outdoor living spaces and how they provide opportunities to entertain and boost mental and physical wellness.

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The Adaptability of Outdoor Living Spaces

No matter what you and your loved ones enjoy doing, there’s a way to shape your outdoor living space into your lifestyle. You can use an outdoor living room to house a pool and lawn chairs, or you could opt for an entire outdoor kitchen, fully fitted with a bar, hot tub, fire pit, seating area and patio for entertaining.

If you want to spend time with family, a designated outdoor space that’s lovingly decorated and designed for outdoor living encourages kids to spend more time in nature. Add swing chairs and beanbags and you’ll be able to entice them away from their screens and into this cozy spot in a heartbeat!

How an Outdoor Living Space Promotes a Healthy Vision in Children and Teens

On average, Americans spend around 6 hours and 43 minutes per day watching screens, including TV, computers, smartphones, and tablets. This affects children’s health and growth.

Many homeowners who create usable space outdoors notice health benefits in their children. Giving children a screen-free space to explore and play can help prevent nearsightedness. Research has proven that blue light from television screens, tablets and cell phones has the potential to cause eyestrain and myopia, or nearsightedness, in children and teens. Instead of spending time indoors, let your children engage with family and enjoy nature outdoors.

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Outdoor Living Space Creativity

Design options are practically endless when creating your outdoor living space concept. The aim is to add an informal setting purely designed for entertainment and relaxation, in contrast to your home office or gym, where productivity and work are the priorities.

Before creating a creative design, consider practicalities, such as whether it’s best to attach your outdoor living space to the house or create a freestanding outdoor space. Consider whether continuity is an issue, and remember that when it comes to selling your property, matching the design of the outdoor living project to the rest of your property will be a selling point.

Finally, decide on the theme for your outdoor space. Here are some design ideas to inspire you:

  • Add a built-in bench with a water fountain or fire pit area as a focal point.
  • Attach string lights around the windows and hang them from the ceiling for a fairytale aesthetic.
  • For large outdoor living spaces, you can include an outdoor kitchen and create an outdoor dining area for dining al fresco.
  • Add a coffee table, plush pillows, an outdoor rug and lounge chairs for an outdoor living room.
  • Add a hot tub, water feature and fire pits with outdoor string lights for a resort-at-home vibe.

An outdoor living space has endless possibilities…

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Immune System Benefits of an Outdoor Living Space

Spending time outdoors is a great way to increase the amount of fresh air and sunshine you’re exposed to, which can increase your vitamin D levels. Vitamin D can improve your immunity, reduce inflammation and increase calcium absorption, leading to stronger, healthier bones. It’s also valuable for preventing feelings of depression and increasing positive emotions. Build an outdoor patio that allows the sun to get in so you and your family can reap the health benefits of outdoor living.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Spending time in outdoor living spaces is associated with a lower risk of nearsightedness when it comes to children. This is thought to be associated with higher levels of vitamin D and stronger muscles from spending time playing outside.

Viewing objects at a range of distances is one of the best ways to maintain eye health, especially for those who use screens daily. Outdoor living spaces inspire you to focus on beautiful flowers and plants in your close range of vision and zoom out to focus on birds and faraway views. In adults, there’s good evidence to suggest that spending time outdoors lowers the risk of eyestrain and could help slow the natural deterioration of vision as we age.

Reduce Stress Levels

Being around nature and fresh air is one of the best ways to boost one’s mental health and reduce stress levels, and outdoor living spaces offer the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Studies show that spending time in nature can reduce high blood pressure, muscle tension and heart rate. Giving yourself and your loved ones the gift of an outdoor living area also gives them the gift of better health.

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An Outdoor Kitchen in your Outdoor Living Space

The outdoor kitchen is one of the most popular ways to use an outdoor living space for entertainment and relaxation. Outdoor kitchens are functional and fun, depending on how much the people in your household love to cook. Having a kitchen on the backyard patio is an absolute dream for foodies. When the weather is good, you can cook all your meals and enjoy them in the great outdoors.

Give Your Family More Living Space

Consider adding elements like a living area, an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor fireplace to create a versatile outdoor space that offers nearly everything you have indoors. An outdoor space can be an extension of your home, offering the illusion of square footage and giving you and your family a little more space to enjoy everyday life. Plus, spending more time outdoors is a great way to clean the inside of your home.

Does Outdoor Living Space Add Value to Your Home

Yes! Outdoor living spaces indeed contribute to the value of a property. The extent of this value addition relies on several factors, including the size, quality, and functionality of the space. A recent survey conducted by HomeLight indicated that adding just a deck to your backyard can lead to a 109% return on your investment. Imagine the possibilities of going beyond just a deck and opting to landscape your whole yard, add a water feature or build a fully customized outdoor area that incorporates everything you need to enjoy everyday outdoor living.

Get a New Outdoor Living Space Today

Whether it’s outdoor entertaining season or a quiet family night, having your own outdoor living space can enhance your lifestyle in various ways. From hosting friends and family to outdoor dining and languishing in your swimming pool, the relaxation and entertainment opportunities afforded by a beautiful outdoor living space are practically endless.

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