10 Tips on How to Keep Sunroom Warm in Winter

Wondering how to keep a sunroom warm in winter? Keeping a three- or four-season sunroom warm throughout the entire year might seem like a challenge, but there are some simple fixes you can apply, as well as more complex ones to keep the warm solar gain throughout the year.

From harsh winter weather, to quick fixes, to insulated drapes – the PWHI team has you covered!

Whether you’ve got a big budget to keep your sunroom warm all year round or you’re looking for an affordable and energy-efficient solution, we’ve got the answer.


Read on to find out how homeowners can keep enjoying their enclosed screen room throughout the chilly winter months.

1. Add a Ceiling Fan

An ideal solution is to add a ceiling fan to keep your sunroom warm; it circulates the warm air that convection has forced upwards around the room. While people tend to think of a ceiling fan as a type of equipment for cooling their home, these fans usually have several settings.

By adjusting the settings or a thermostat, you can capture and circulate warm air that would otherwise gather above your head.

2. Insulate the Walls and Ceiling

If you’ve got the budget for the upfront costs associated with going all out and insulating the walls and ceiling — go for it.

You can even tie a big job like this into an all-out remodeling project. With full insulation, you’re guaranteed a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Enjoying the warm air in the winter and the cold air in the summer months is ideal. A great alternative for full proofing is to install weather stripping This is especially true if you combine it with a heating system, making it a fully functional additional living space for all seasons.

3. Keep your Three Season Sunroom Radiant Heat From Escaping

You can apply window tinting as an affordable option to avoid radiant heating loss in your four- or three-season room. Although your view of the outdoors might be affected slightly, it allows the sun to heat the room but doesn’t let the solar energy escape.

A great alternative here is to apply window coverings that can insulate the room, keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

4. Baseboard Heaters

Radiant heating through a baseboard heater is an excellent option if you’re looking for how to heat a sunroom all year round. It’s energy-efficient and runs effortlessly in the background. Additionally, it doesn’t take up any extra space, so the entire room is yours to decorate and utilize however you see fit. It’s also easy to install and safer than an electric fireplace or portable space heater, especially if you have small children or pets.

A great alternative is thermal curtains to lessen heat loss during those chilly winter months.


5. Add Weather Stripping Around Windows

If you add weather stripping around all the windows in your sunroom in the cold winter months, warm air won’t be able to leak out from around the frames.

You can also use a clear caulk to seal the areas between the wall and frames or two frames that butt together. This is an affordable way to reduce your electric bills by improving the energy efficiency of your sunroom. It’s a great way to have additional protections from floor to ceiling, keeping warm during the winter.

6. Install a Separate HVAC System

While the home’s HVAC system will keep the house warm, adding an alternate is a two-step process from at least one of the above.

This is one of the more expensive solutions to keep sunroom warm in winter, it’s also one of the most comprehensive and reliable.

Having a separate system for your sunroom helps you maintain it at the desired temperature. Using a ductless system is usually the best idea for this type of room because it’s more efficient and less hassle to install than a traditional HVAC system. It also means that when you leave the room, you can switch it off and save money by not heating the entire house every time you need to heat the screen room.

Ductless heaters and air conditioners help you maintain a constant climate within your four-season room. No matter what the weather is like outside, you’ll be able to count on your sunroom being a cozy haven.

7. Portable Heating Options

There are a whole load of portable heating options for your three-season room. They tend to be more affordable than getting radiant heating and some of the other items on this list, but they can be highly effective at keeping the room temperate and pleasant to relax and unwind in.

Space heaters and electric fireplaces are the most popular and effective types of portable heaters.

While portable options are great for a small or medium-sized sunroom, they might not be enough to heat a large space. However, electric fireplaces provide a relaxing visual in addition to warmth.

Insulated Deck with wood burning fireplace

8. Extended Ductwork

For the most part, sunrooms don’t have ductwork. Although it’s not the best option with regards to energy efficiency, you can extend your existing ductwork so your HVAC system reaches the screen room. That way, you can adjust the internal temperature by using the main thermostat in your property.

Although it’s possible to change the ductwork yourself, it can be time-consuming and challenging if you’re not experienced at doing it.

9. Install New Windows

Single-pane windows aren’t usually enough to offer insulation and hot air that will keep the cold out during fall and winter. Upgrading the windows could have a significant impact on both the temperature and the energy efficiency and cost of heating your sunroom. We’d recommend getting double-pane windows with window tinting and an insulating factor for the ultimate warm nest.

10. Use Drapes for Insulation

The insulated fabric holds the warm air in your sunroom and helps to prevent cold air from coming in. You can open the drapes during the day to let the sun in and capture the radiant heat, then close them when the sun goes down to maximize solar gain.

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