Patio Enclosures Extend Your Property and Enhance Family Life

If you’ve always dreamed of making your home bigger but don’t know where to start, patio enclosures are a great place. Perhaps you’ve extended your property before and loved the effect but would like a lower-cost way to add extra space and curb appeal. A new room for friends and family like a patio enclosure, will increase the square footage of your home and provide a sheltered haven with outdoor views. Entertain, relax and play in a bespoke patio room from Prince William Home Improvement.

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Enjoy Your Patio Room in a Variety of Ways

As a homeowner, adding a four season or three season room to your house is undeniably a fantastic way to increase the value of your real estate. It can be much more than that — if you’re settled in your home but wish to improve your quality of life without, add a screen room or sunroom addition. The variety provided by creating an outdoor living space that has the best parts of the outdoors while retaining the comfort of indoors is healthy for the body and the mind.

If you choose a screen enclosure, you gain access to a living space where outside light shines in from all angles, all year round. Instead of being cooped up in rooms with only one or two windows, you and the family can bring the outdoors in with a place that is illuminated by the sun’s rays. Some of the activities an enclosed front porch or patio is ideal for include:

  • Dining Al Fresco: If you use any excuse to wheel out the BBQ, a patio enclosure may be the perfect addition to your home. You can grill to your heart’s content in any weather conditions if you design your patio room to allow it. Get the decorating right and every dinner time spent there will feel like a mini-holiday.
  • Hosting Gatherings: Ambiance is essential when you’re hosting a dinner or drinks party. Imagine enjoying an evening with friends and family, overlooking your beautiful garden but enjoying the bug-free comfort of indoors. You can even install a TV in your new room making it an ideal spot to watch sports and movies.
  • A Safe Place to Play for Little Ones: A safely secured patio enclosure is an enchanting space for kids. They can play in a bright, fun environment that’s much easier to supervise than the garden. Even pets can benefit from this type of space.

We Care About Quality

We take every step to match your porch enclosure to the rest of your house. A well-built and beautifully designed enclosed space enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home from the inside as well as from the curb. At PWHI, we also understand that quality incorporates more than just how something looks on the exterior. It’s important to us that we use the best materials and only hire experts. This way, we ensure that the structural quality of our work is as outstanding as our designs are.

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PWHI has been making people’s dream home improvements a reality since 1986 and has received an A+ rating from the BBB. Building a patio enclosure is a significant investment, so you should make sure you choose an established patio installer company with a focus on quality craftsmanship. Our trustworthy team can help you design an enclosed outdoor space that complements the architecture of your property and fulfills every requirement laid out during the planning stage.

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