Paver Patio Design Ideas for 2020

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Patios bring a touch of ornate, classic decor to your backyard while also providing a functional outdoor living space that you can use however you wish. Renovations in the home can be inconvenient and tricky, but with a yard makeover, your daily life isn’t impeded and you can get as creative as you like. Most of us have dreamed of transforming our outdoor space to maximize relaxation and the enjoyment of our property, but nothing is stopping you from making those dreams a reality.

We all work hard in today’s fast-paced world; you should make sure your downtime is as tranquil and satisfying as possible. Transforming your yard with the following paver patio ideas could change the way you and your family interact and enjoy each other’s company.

Split Your Yard Into Distinct Areas

If you’ve got a big backyard, an incredible way to make the most of your space is to create zones with unique furniture styles and purposes. Of course, flowerbeds are a must, as is a luscious bright green lawn. You can frame these natural features by adding decking, paver patio stones, feature walls and more. Not only will it look beautiful, but you can use each area for different outdoor entertainment purposes.

Decking makes a great bridge between the home and the outdoors; it’s also ideal for surrounding the pool and sunbathing on loungers. You can add a backyard patio to the edge of the deck and include planters, hanging baskets, an herb garden and an alfresco dining area. Steps leading up or down to the lawn are the ideal visual transition from relaxation space to the green zone. Entertaining guests will be a pleasure, and it’ll be much easier to keep wandering feet off your turf!

Outdoor Bars and Barbecues

Speaking of entertaining, adding some equipment to your outdoor space can bring the family together and make sure you always impress when you have friends and family over. Getting a grill installed into your patio — or even better, an outdoor kitchen — is a surefire way to make the warmer months a whole lot more fun. If you add patio heaters, you can enjoy the great outdoors throughout the year.

From food prep areas to storage and a built-in range and grill, you can go all out and include a space where the entire cooking process can be enjoyed in the fresh air. You can keep all of those food smells outdoors in the summer, and the kids will love helping out with the added novelty of outdoor cooking.

Choose Eye-Catching Paver Patio Design Ideas

Getting a new patio is an ideal time to express your creative flair and make your backyard look the way you’ve always wanted it to. Stylish patio furniture and attractive planting can help you to make the most of your new patio paver layout.

Pavers come in a variety of styles and patterns like flagstone or herringbone, so you can explore the different tones and shapes to create hardscape designs that match furniture, planters or other features in or around your home. The most crucial aspect of patio design is the paver pattern itself, but including curbstones gives the overall finish a neat and tidy look.

Enjoy the Ambiance of Patio Lighting

Lighting can transform any space, indoor or outdoor. Including visible lighting features on your patio walls sets the scene after sundown. It can also bring a sense of drama to the aesthetic of your evenings by emphasizing the natural shapes and shadows in your yard. Lighting panel accessories on stairs and pathways or underneath coverings and pergolas look chic while providing a practical function, and spotlights, in particular, allow you to focus light where it’s needed most. You can choose solar-powered torches of eco-friendly LED lighting to increase the nighttime appeal of your patio.

Include a Centerpiece

There are many ways of including a centerpiece into your brick paver patio design idea. One popular and attractive way to incorporate one is by adding a rounded patio area if the rest is square or a square area if the patio is round. Framing the area with a sitting wall gives everyone a lovely spot to huddle around on during the colder months. This can provide an ideal place to have your barbecue or firepit installed for maximum impact and aesthetic appeal.

Patio paver maintenance tips

Make the Most of Slopes With Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can help you to make use of uneven land and change what you used to consider an unsightly slope into a stunning feature. They define the landscape and make your prized flowerbeds stand out. If you prefer a more low-maintenance approach, you could fill the space with bark or slate natural stones. Impart a rustic look by using mortared paving stone for your retaining wall or a strikingly contemporary feel with a poured concrete patio.

Connect a Multilevel Garden With Steps

Adding steps into your backyard will take your garden paver design project to the next level. They can add flair and character to your outdoor space while providing a practical passage between indoors and outdoors or the different sections of your yard. Steps can be strategically situated throughout your front and back yards to ensure consistency in the design and add texture to the landscape.

Create a Secret Garden

A patio doesn’t have to be attached to your home or to decking that is close to your back door. You can tuck a secret paved area away in your favorite corner of the backyard. If you have an area with lots of trees or a beautiful view, for instance, you may wish to nestle a paved space in it to make the most of its natural beauty. Add a bench, some planters and a swing and you’ve got your very own secret garden. You could pave a pathway that leads to it or add mysterious stepping stones dotted across the yard leading to your ultimate relaxation area.

Creating a new look for your garden is exciting, especially when you can bring your creative vision to life. Call Prince William Home Improvement today at 703-492-1294  to begin the process of making your dream patio a reality.