During the first warm days of spring, many people open their windows and get to work refreshing their home’s interior. However, outdoor spaces shouldn’t be ignored. Revitalizing your home’s exterior enhances your property’s overall curb appeal and cleanliness and helps you enjoy the pleasant spring weather.

Check out these outdoor spring cleaning tips for a tidier, fresher home to celebrate the new season.

Why Is Outdoor Spring Cleaning Essential?

Over time, your home’s exterior accumulates dirt, grime, mold and bird or bug debris. These elements can damage its surface and weaken its structure, resulting in costly repairs down the road. Your house’s exterior also serves as your guests’ first impression of your home. Keeping it clean boosts curb appeal, establishing it as a welcoming space for spring gatherings. You’ll feel more confident as a host and homeowner, and your guests will feel more relaxed knowing they’re visiting a clean home.

Cleaning Tools and Supplies

man cleaning the wooden deck with a power washer during SpringKnowing where to start can be challenging if you’re new to outdoor spring cleaning. The first step is ensuring you have proper cleaning supplies and tools. Home improvement stores offer most of what you’ll need. Basic supplies to invest in include:

  • Heavy-duty sponges or cloths
  • Brushes
  • Garden hose
  • Broom
  • Rake
  • Ladder
  • Hedge trimmers
  • Pressure washer

You’ll also need cleaning products to remove stains or grime. Consider Windex for glass windows or tables, OxiClean for outdoor rugs and Clorox Pro Results for patio furniture. Add safety gear, including gloves and goggles, to your list. These items protect you against harmful chemicals, toxins or debris.

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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist and Tips

Don’t leave any portion of your outdoor space untouched. Use this outdoor spring cleaning checklist to develop a comprehensive plan.


Remove dead leaves and debris from your gutters. Clogged gutters prevent water runoff from moving away from your home, resulting in flooding and possibly roof damage. You should also check for leaks to prevent foundational damage. Spray water from the garden hose through your gutters, and look for drips to pinpoint cracks or holes.


Wipe down or pressure wash your home’s siding to remove dirt and mildew. Start at the highest points of your home and work down to avoid dirtying areas you’ve already cleaned. Check for areas needing fresh paint or material replacement, and make a plan to have them taken care of. Maintaining your siding can prevent expensive renovations in the future.

Windows and Screens

Washing your windows and screens inside and out enables unobstructed views during the spring transformation. Use a soft-bristled brush for window screens and a microfiber cloth to clean glass without leaving streaks. If possible, remove screens from window fixtures to bring outside and rinse with the hose.


Scrub the outside of your back and front doors to remove grime or stubborn stains. Start from the top and work down with a microfiber cloth or duster to remove loose dirt or cobwebs. Check for damaged weatherstripping, chipped paint or cracked glass before washing your door with a soft cloth and cleaning solution.

Deck or Patio

PWHI paver patio project with retaining wall in Fairfax VA

Sweep or scrub your patio, front porch or deck boards to remove dirt, leaves and other debris. You should also inspect for damage and make necessary repairs. How to check for damage depends on your deck’s material. If you have a wood deck, look for signs of rot or decay. For a concrete patio, look for chips or cracks.

Consult a professional to ensure repairs are conducted properly. Prince William Home Improvement in Virginia and Maryland uses the highest-quality decking materials and can ensure your outdoor space survives for many springs to come.

Don’t forget to wipe down or wash outdoor furniture, even if it’s been in storage all winter. It may have collected dust or dirt from lack of use, and cleaning prevents it from getting damaged or smelling musty. Check outdoor lighting to replace light bulbs and clear out bugs or animal debris. Additionally, replenish or replace any outdoor rugs with stains or fabric tears.


Give your lawn some love. Rake to remove leaves, and break out the mower so you can trim the grass to a practical length. Consider aeration if your lawn’s soil feels hard, your grass looks thin and discolored, or rainwater puddles are in areas where it is used to absorb into the earth. Although aeration is optional, it can make it easier for air or water to reach your grass roots, aiding your lawn’s growth and development.

Additionally, check your sprinkler system to ensure it’s functioning properly. If you don’t have a sprinkler, consider installing one. Proper irrigation helps your lawn flourish and transform into the lush, green landscape every homeowner desires.


Tidy your garden to enhance its visual appeal, and restyle your outdoor space into a blooming oasis. Start by removing weeds from flower beds and spraying water or pesticides to remove insects and minimize damage. Rake mulch onto garden beds to protect the soil from erosion, suppress new weed growth and conserve water availability.

Additionally, prune trees and shrubs to eliminate excess branches and create appealing, proportionate shapes. Clean up dead branches and leaves to declutter your garden for an immaculate look. You can also save these clippings to create mulch or compost for easy plant maintenance throughout spring and summer.

Additional Outdoor Spaces

Inspect other outdoor spaces around your property that need a deep clean. For example, tidy the doghouse or pet area by trimming the grass, picking up waste and organizing toys into bins. If you’ve been using your garage as storage throughout the winter, throw open the door to let the warm weather in while you organize and sweep.

Check fences and stone or brick walls circling your property for damage to determine whether any repairs are necessary. You can also inspect smaller objects, like the mailbox or bird feeders, to ensure functionality, remove dirt or debris and add a fresh coat of paint.

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Get Started With Your Spring Cleaning Today!

Custom built deck, patio and screen roomOutdoor spring cleaning may seem like a big job. However, once it’s done, you’ll be proud of your accomplishment and eager to show it to your friends and family. Plan ahead for a good spring cleaning day by checking your schedule and the weather. It’s best to choose a day with clear skies, mild temperatures and no other obligations to worry about.

Work from top to bottom to prevent re-cleaning and make the job easier. Use a ladder to access hard-to-reach areas, and invest in safety equipment to protect your hands, eyes and skin from dangerous chemicals.

If you notice any damage to your house’s infrastructure, consider recruiting professional help. Contact Prince William Home Improvement in Virginia or Maryland for your patio replacement and renovation needs or to plan a custom deck extension for your home. Call us at 703-492-1294 to learn more about our services and receive a free estimate.