Are you looking for modern patio design ideas? With Spring right around the corner and Cherry Blossoms ready to bloom, it’s time to think about how you will set-up your outdoor living spaces in 2022. Here at PWHI, we not only produce amazing paver patios, customized composite decks and enclosed screen rooms — we want you to have an idea of how to utilize your new outdoor spaces once our project is complete. Serving Virginia and Maryland, our work will be the first step in how you can showcase a sleek, modern and completely unique addition to your home.

The first step for any modern-design idea is having a picturesque paver patio, eco-friendly deck or a cost-effective screen room.

Top Paver Deck Design Ideas 2022

Top Paver Patio Design Ideas

Pavers are a great way to add a perfect touch of appeal and style, no matter what you’re looking for. PWHI has an incredible selection that can fit any need – whether it’s adding some extra seating space or making sure your children have their own spot in which they feel secure while playing outdoors!

Here are some great ways a Paver Patio can make your outdoor living space personalized for your needs:

Sitting Retaining Walls: When you build a retaining wall for your concrete patio, it not only creates the opportunity to break up space and provide an area where friends can sit back with iced drinks in hand but also adds value to different regions of your backyard. The raised edges give the illusion that there is something substantial to come…

Outdoor Kitchens: This year, spend time with your family and friends by cooking outside. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen or just a patio that is fully equipped for al fresco dining – our team can create it! It feels so good to cook food in such wonderful surroundings.

Top Paver Deck Design Ideas

When searching for a custom deck builder in Virginia, look no further than PWHI. Our decks are guaranteed to have a stable footing in your home’s natural soil and with many varieties and styles to choose from, you can relish in the pride of personalizing something as important as what is essentially an extension to your home.

Building an Eco-friendly Composite Deck: If you want a green thumb without the hassle, go with Trex decking. You won’t need to apply any topcoats or be as strict about sweeping leaves and debris because your new deck will last longer than most other types of materials.

Customizable with Paints and Stains with a Timber Deck: As with any PWHI deck project, the color of your timber decking is up to you.  You can paint this type of decking any color you want, and stains can also aid in protecting against damage. It may be necessary to repaint and treat the new deck on an annual basis to keep it looking its best.  Here is a blog on the best tips for how to treat and maintain Timber Decking.

Top Screen Room Design Ideas

A screened-in porch has become a favorite spot for people to enjoy the comforts of home while they are outside. This enclosed area is great, even when it rains or snows because you stay dry underneath your own roof! You can also use these spaces as an entertaining spaces; there’s no need to worry about bugs getting in thanks again to world-class screen rooms which keep them at bay all year long

Screen Room with Solid Roof: This is the perfect type of screen room to have if you want it all year round. The material covers every inch, and there’s even an attractive roof! Side note — We’d recommend getting a high-quality kickplate installed at the bottom to keep debris and dirt out as well as to prevent potential damage to the screen from furniture.

Screen Enclosures with Screen Roof: The perfect place to get your pool enclosed is with a screen room. They come in different materials, but the most popular choices are regular mesh or fiberglass for visibility of what’s going on outside while keeping bugs away from you and people who might want some time by themselves inside. Polyester provides an elegant look that won’t rust easily over water damage like aluminum does so it’s also available on request if someone has special needs regarding their property decorating style!

10 Modern Patio Design Ideas of 2022

Top Modern Patio Design Ideas

Modern Meets Natural

Large open yards are only emphasized by the natural woods used in deck designs. Balance out your tree line with the colors and shapes a deck provides and relax as part of the nature you are surrounded by.

Colorful Textiles

In 2022, you should seek clashing colors and loud prints! The rules of strict color matching and coordination are a thing of the past, so if loud and bold is your bag, you can indulge and still be fashionable.

Game Day Ready

The DC, Virginia, Maryland metro is a sports mecca, so show the pride of your favorite sport, club or team with a large screen TV, a pool table or a BBQ that everyone in the neighborhood will envy.

Small Spaces, Big Effect

You don’t have to have to limit yourself to small spaces. If you feel your deck may be too confined, consider taking it to another level, in a different direction, or both! A narrow space is always perfect for a small deck, but when working with PWHI we can add dimension elements…

Modern Marvel

Clean modern metal and glass lines meet the linear wooden decking in an outdoor dining area. Many people eschew wooden decks in more modern architecture, but the mix of materials often emphasizes the beauty of art this style mimics.

Wooden Walkout

Cut back on how much lawn you have to mow and build a wooden walkout to enjoy and utilize instead of a patio. Decks are so much more visually appealing and often increase your home value!

Storage Hooks

This modern patio design element is both chic and functional. The hooks make it easy to hang towels and hats, keeping the area clear of clutter on warm summer days.

Create a Walkway to Oasis

Don’t let those tiny spaces between houses in subdivisions go to waste. Utilizing what you have can have surprising results, and provide a new degree of privacy and comfort even when living in close quarters.

Bistro Nook

Bonjour. Un café, s’il vous plaît! Who doesn’t want to be one with nature when enjoying their morning cup of joe?! Adding a round pedestal table, built-in bench, and stools are all it takes to add a sense of Parisian style.

Perfect Seclusion

City yards don’t have to limit your scope of landscaping design. Adding a combination of raised and ground decking provides an illusion of depth, especially when the wooden boards are incorporated into the privacy fence. Add in some climbing plants and nobody will know your neighbors are only a stone’s throw away!

Modern Patio Design Ideas

Treat Yourself to a New Backyard Patio or Remodel Your Current Garden Design

Now that you’re in the loop about which patio ideas are guaranteed to enhance your home and impress visitors and neighbors, get in touch with Prince William Home Improvement today to arrange a free estimate for your new paver patio, deck or Screen Room.