5 Brick Patio Landscape Ideas

Giving your backyard a makeover is an exciting prospect. Everyone, from little kids to people in their golden years, loves to spend time in the fresh air. Making your outdoor space as inviting and comfortable as possible improves the quality of life for you and your loved ones. Outdoor patios have an enduring elegance and charm, as well as providing practical spaces for you to recline, entertain or simply enjoy the view. We’ve put together some beautiful brick patio landscaping ideas to inspire you if you’re looking to upgrade your yard.

1. Al Fresco Cooking and Entertaining

Enjoying al fresco meals is one of life’s great pleasures. Imagine curating family dinners or neighborhood cookouts in your outdoor kitchen. With a well-designed backyard restaurant, you’ll be everyone’s favorite dinner party host. Building the bar, grill, fireplace and worktops from bricks that match the rest of your beautiful patio area looks luxurious and offers more versatility than portable equipment. Here are some awesome additions that take your outdoor kitchen to the next level.

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Integrated Brick Fire Pit

A timeless red brick fire pit makes the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor kitchen. Not only is a backyard patio fire pit a great source of heat and the ideal place to sit around, talk and sing songs, but you can also make it the stylistic center of the entire backyard design.

Underfoot Heating

While heated flooring sounds like an expensive addition to your outdoor space, it actually makes use of simple technology that’s been around since Roman times. A layer of air is built in underneath your paver patio, and hot air from the outdoor fireplace is propelled into that space. A fan is installed to spread warmth across the surface area. You’ll barely notice night falling as your feet remain toasty warm and you get lost in good food and conversation with friends and family.

A Personal Pizza Oven

You can incorporate a shelf into your outdoor fireplace that lets you bake fresh pizzas and delicious home-cooked bread for loved ones and guests. Nothing beats pizza made the traditional way, and you’ll struggle to keep anyone who tastes your mouth watering baking away from your home. Making pizzas outdoors is so much fun and a great way to get the kids into creative food preparation.

2. Modernize With Monochrome

The color scheme is a focal point to the overall look of your brick patio landscaping. By using fewer colors or matching the tiles to your home, you can create a truly sleek and sophisticated-looking backyard landscape design. Monochrome tiles tend to provide the most contemporary-looking finish, so if you want an ultra-modern patio, go for the following color schemes.

Slate and Charcoal

Gray is the color that lends itself best to effortless chic. While it’s one of the most traditional hues for brick paving, matching your outdoor furniture and fixtures to the brick pattern is what gives it that sophisticated look. Gray couches, patio furniture and accessories such as cushions and lamps will guarantee a refined aesthetic that wonderfully contrasts with the greenery of outdoors.

Matching Home Architecture

Pulling one or two shades from the color palette of your home is also an excellent way to bring a unique finish to your patio design. For instance, if your home is white with a gray roof, use predominantly gray bricks and intersperse the pattern with white bricks. The overall look will be impressively harmonious and modern-looking.

Patio at Dusk with Fire Pit

3. Zones Defined by Bricked Patterns

One of the most pleasing ways of making your new patio look inviting and well-designed is by using a range of patterns to define the different zones. This gives the appearance of more space and lets you accessorize according to the different patterns and styles of brick pavers you use in various zones. There are so many different styles of brick you can utilize for your patio; you can get creative and bring your unique style to your yard.

Add Space With Mixed Materials

If you have a small outdoor space, you can have one area paved with large pavers made from cobblestone and use smaller bricks for another. By having your seating area where the larger pavers are and surrounding the bricked area with flowers and plants, you create the illusion of a bigger yard.

Herringbone Path Leading to a Circular Seating Area

If you have a sprawling backyard, you can use pathways for a mysterious and secret garden-like aesthetic. A herringbone pattern looks slick and gives the illusion of movement, which is ideal for a path that leads up to a hidden paved section of the garden. Instead of building a typical square or rectangle, you can choose a whorled pattern. This type of garden design accentuates contours and can draw attention to a centerpiece such as a fire pit or seating area.

GYS 05224. A Pretty Cottage Garden

You can create the look of a traditional cottage garden bed by bordering your patio with flower beds and planters brimming with color. This type of patio looks particularly pleasing when the bricks are laid in a traditional pattern such as basket weave. Building structures such as arches, gazebos or pergolas brings height and texture to the yard while providing space for hanging baskets. Packing plants together looks charming in a cottage garden, but always make sure they’re at various levels.

Include a mix of vines, shrubs, perennials and annuals. Cosmos, roses, hollyhocks and cleome are great examples you can add to this style of patio.

5. Outdoor Living Room With a Water Feature

There’s nothing wrong with a simple rectangular patio made from bricks placed in a traditional pattern. If you prefer this classic look, you can add minimalist patio furniture and include simple and easy-to-maintain plants. To distinguish this space as special and optimize your enjoyment of the outdoors, you can have a small pond or water feature installed near the seating area. The sound of flowing water will bring an extra element of relaxation as well as being beautiful to look at after a hard day’s work.

We Make Brick Patio Design Ideas Come to Life

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