Outside Decks, Patios and Screen Rooms: Useful Spaces for Back-to-School Seasons

Child Doing Homework on Backyard DeckWhether your summer is flying by or meandering along, the truth is that the back-to-school season is closing in quickly. But if you were hoping to get a home improvement project handled before warm weather fades and leaves begin to fall, you still have a few weeks or even months. And choosing to add an outside deck, a modern house patio or screened room to your home lets you cash in on some great benefits come September and beyond. Check out these back-to-school reasons to add to your usable outdoor space. 

Stomping Grounds for Mud and Other Debris

When kids arrive home from their stint on the school bus, they often drag dirt, mud or snow into your home. Over the course of the school year, that can add up to wear and tear and muss and fuss, especially if you have carpeted floors. But a covered outdoor living space — or even a house deck — offers an ideal place for kids to knock away the debris they might have dragged home. That cuts down on mopping, sweeping and cleaning chores that no one has time for when homework and activity schedules begin to heat up.

A screened enclosure offers an additional benefit, acting as a sort of mudroom. During rainy or snowy weather, kids can remove outerwear such as boots, snowsuits or raincoats before they even step foot in your house. And since a screen room is somewhat sheltered, those things can be left to drip and dry where they won’t make a mess of your interior. However, do remember to gather these items and bring them in before nightfall so they can warm for use in the morning if necessary.

Gathering Place for Socializing or Working With Friends

The right outdoor living area can convert your home into the de facto gathering place for neighborhood friends or extended social circles. During nice weather, an outdoor deck or covered patio makes an ideal place for kids to lounge on Saturday afternoons as they plan their evening adventures or swap stories about crushes and Instagram conquests. Screened-in rooms let kids gather even when it’s lightly raining and make stellar locations for group study sessions on warm autumn evenings. Break out the pumpkin-flavored treats and you’ve got a winner all September and into October.

Why encourage kids to gather outdoors instead of in your home? First, a gorgeous exterior location allows kids of all ages to be comfortable and enjoy each other’s company without worrying about indoor rules or keeping the noise down. Plus, it helps keep traffic down in your home and can be helpful if you have a small interior space.

Kids may gravitate toward an outdoor space simply because it affords them more privacy from the adults indoors. But you can encourage them to use your outside covered area by outfitting it with comfortable and functional furniture, including plenty of chairs or loungers and at least one table for spreading out food, books or games. You can even make screen enclosures a viable choice into the cooler months by outfitting the space with safe heaters, and a house deck or outdoor patio with a fire pit or chiminea often becomes the favorite evening hangout spot for older preteens and teens.

For more information on adding a great back-to-school spot to your yard, contact Prince William Home Improvement to find out about options for outdoor spaces.