Happy family eating dinner on patioOutdoor living spaces have reached new heights of popularity in the last couple of years. One of the most important features of any outdoor space is the patio, but you need to make sure it’s usable all year round. During the height of summer, you don’t want to swelter under the direct heat of the sun, so some kind of roofing or shading is essential. Read on for our top five tips on how to cover a patio.

1. Use Nature as a Patio Roof

While this could potentially be a long-term solution, you could invest in fully grown plants and trees to use nature as your patio cover. Some examples of fast-growing trees include the beautiful orangey-red Chinese pistache, pretty pink crab-apple, white and pink dogwood, dense and lush European hornbeam, colorful and hardy red maple and show-stopping weeping flowering cherry trees.

Wisteria is also another great choice as a plant that grows fast and could potentially protect you from the glaring summer sun.

2. Get a Patio Enclosure

The best patio cover solution is probably an all-out patio enclosure. You can choose from patio enclosures with removable glass panels, retractable roofs, no walls or one, two or three walls/panels. Alternatively, you can get a fully enclosed four season room for the height of summer and winter and install a new custom patio to enjoy when the weather is temperate. Patio enclosures are a great excuse to look into the latest trends in outdoor furniture and garden design.

3. A Balcony-Covered Patio

A multipurpose method of covering your patio area is by installing a balcony and decking at the upper level of your property, above the patio. A two-level deck or balcony acts as shade for the lower deck while also enhancing the upstairs and providing a private space attached to the master bedroom.

4. DIY With a Tarp or Fabric

A lower-cost way to cover a patio is using high-quality tarpaulin or fabric to cover the outdoor areas you spend the most time in during summer. All you need are four posts or elevated points to attach the tarp or fabric to and you can create a makeshift roof in no time. It might not be as fancy as some of the other ideas, but it gets the job done!

5. Install a Freestanding Structure

A freestanding patio cover, such as a pergola, retractable awning, gazebo or another shade structure, is a quick and simple patio cover idea. These come with the option of adding features such as a ceiling fan, curtains, shade sails and as many roof panels as you choose, so you can block or let in as much natural light as you prefer.

Weatherproof Your Patio

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