how to keep your patio paver looking great

On average, brick or stone pavers last much longer than other patio options, including poured concrete and wood. Patio paver installations can last decades, adding usable space to your home and enhancing the enjoyment of your yard for multiple generations. Following the tips below helps you keep your patio looking great throughout its life.

1. Start With Professionals for a Patio Paver Installation

Stone is obviously a durable material, and choosing a brick or stone patio paver installation is a great first step to ensuring longevity. The materials themselves tend to stand the test of time, and even if you opt for softer stone, the wear on each paver typically serves to create a beautiful aesthetic rather than impact the function of the structure.

But the installation itself matters, and working with a professional company that can design the right patio for your space and needs is the best way to lay a lasting foundation when it comes to pavers.

2. Clear Away Debris and Dirt Regularly

Of course, even the most impeccably installed patio pavers are going to become victims of dirt from time to time. In some cases, that may be the main point of your patio installation – to provide a place for dirt and mud to fall from feet before people step into the interior of your home.

However you use the space, keeping your patio looking great requires keeping it as clean as possible. The good news is that you don’t need any special tools for this, and it won’t take you half a Saturday morning to cross patio cleaning off your honey-do list. In fact, in most cases, all you need is a hose and a good outdoor broom. Keep these items handy to clear your patio pavers of debris and dirt once a week and you’ll find that your space looks great whenever you’re ready to use it.

It’s also a good idea to immediately address dirt that comes from a storm or a wild pool party or sprinkler bash in the yard. If you don’t let debris dry onto the pavers, it’s much easier to keep them clean.

3. Address the Landscape Around the Patio

The setting of your patio paver installation can add to the pleasing aesthetic. Consider how you want to use the space and what types of boundaries you would like to enforce. You can talk to your professional patio installation company about options such as brick paver walls, but you can also border your patio with beautiful flower beds or bushes to create an enjoyable natural landscape.

Whenever you’re designing anything around a patio, keep the following points in mind:

  • How you expect traffic to flow out of the house and across and off the patio; you don’t want to impede that flow
  • Whether anything you plant could lead to root growth in the future that might disturb your patio installation; not all trees would be an ideal choice, for example
  • How your plans could impact the longevity of your patio; talk to your installation company if you’re not sure about the effect of any landscape concepts

4. Work With Pros to Maintain the Patio Paver Installation Long Term

Patio pavers require minimal maintenance over the years. Unlike poured concrete, pavers are unlikely to suffer from large cracks as the ground below settles over time. But it is possible for one or a few stones to suffer damage over time. In these cases, work with a professional patio paver installation company to repair the issue and ensure your patio keeps its good looks.

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